N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: New Delhi, as usual, is happy with the political mess in Nepal.

Nepal’s instability is what India has ever desired. And the current mess is Delhi’s creation hundred percent.

But the blame has been cleverly shifted to Beijing by the Godi media in Delhi.

This is not a new phenomenon either.

Clever Delhi pounces upon independent and sovereign Nepal though its paid, posted and trusted agents who work in Nepal as “ordered and instructed” by the Delhi establishment or, through the spy agency-the RAW.

Some domestic sources even opine that the RAW has its Nepal Office in Kathmandu headed by a former UML leader who at time appeals the Indian regime to “storm” Nepal with their military might to take control over the politics of this ancient country.

Delhi’s conclusion is that if “paid and posted Nepali “political individuals” serve its core interests then why should Delhi take the risk of being exposed?

Thus Nepali paid, posted and trusted agents are the handy tool for Delhi to control Nepal and its politics.

The rest of the micro-management, Kathmandu based India embassy does honestly.

With this in mind, New Delhi engineered a dangerous plan in 2005-6 which kept engaged some “Nepal’s domestic traitors” to create a sort of chaos and instability in Nepal which later facilitated the easy ouster of Nepal’s “ancient” institution of the monarchy.

What was more than a fun was the almost all of the domestic population got carried away with the planned “political slogans” crafted by the Delhi machinations against the sitting monarch-King Gyanendra who have had to abandon the throne under intense pressure and he did abdicate as per the political whim that had enveloped the entire nation then.

The long existing Nepali monarchy said good bye to the people and entered into the Nagarjun jungles.

And this allowed the New Delhi’s concrete jungle dwellers, the Nepal Maoists’ leaders like Prachanda and Dr. Babu ram Bhattarai to enter into the political corridors of power.

It was almost some sort of Maoists “capture” of the Nepali State through the kind courtesy of late Girija Prasad Koirala who was taken when alive as the man who was more Indian than Indian nationals.

Perhaps this explains as to how late Koirala may have ruled this country as Prime Minister.

His rule gave an impression that the Nepali State” was not more than an extended province of India.

The current political mess in Nepal speaks clearly as to how India played tricks to create problems for instance, for the sitting Prime Minister KP Oli through the use of its paid and posted workers in Nepal.

Those who are up against PM Oli have clearly been indoctrinated by Delhi or at best have worked under Delhi’s instructions to destabilize Nepal since early nineties.

Delhi’s RAW in effect rules Nepal in an invisible manner.

Its micro-management team is based inside the Indian embassy in Kathmandu which twists the arms of the Nepal’s Singh Durbar administration.

A junior clerk level second secretary at the Indian embassy easily commands Nepal Prime Minister.

Informed sources have it that Delhi in effect had its control over Nepali politics beginning the next days of the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1950.

It was a treaty that was not only unequal but also an arrangement which gave India the right to interpret the so called “unequal treaty” as it suited its security interests.
Moreover, the Treaty as such neither brought “peace” nor acted as a tool for “friendship” with India.

The treaty since the signing day, has best been used and overused by India and has been an effective “instrument” to squeeze and twist the Nepali arms as and when desired by the South Asian hooligan.

Matured political men in Nepal opine that had the British India Company not taken over the control of the territory called India as of today, Nepal’s Gorkha forces would have conquered the entire so called India aka Bharat aka Hindustan.

Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former UML leader is being talked as Delhi’s man from the very hibernation days of Mr. Nepal during the Panchayat rule.

Mr. Nepal was the trusted man of some alien forces who have had direct links with the fugitive Nepal Maoists.

India played tricks with Nepal using Maoists as political shield.

Mr. Nepal is presumed to have been the most trusted “friend” of Delhi from the time of the People’s War of the Nepal Maoists.

In addition, he is learnt to have been the Nepal manager of the Delhi administration as a go-between the Nepal government and the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists.
But is he?

Thus Mr. Nepal’s neck-to-neck tie up with Delhi’s declared man Prachanda must not come as a surprise. Nepal-Prachanda duo reportedly has been acting against PM Oli under Delhi’s instructions.

Most surprising of it all is that PM Oli dissolved the Lower House as per the orders from New Delhi.

This means that RAW has Head and the Tail both and that too at a time.

That PM Oli dissolved the parliament with Delhi’s hint will be best clear when PM Oli announces his forthcoming visit to India soon.

Sources even claim that Indian Home Minister Amit Sah is scheduled for a short trip to Nepal.

His visit is loaded with meaning.

Meanwhile, China has sent a “mediator” team to avert the political crisis created by PM Oli and Nepal-Dahal faction who have parted their ways in the recent days.

PM Oli claims that Mr. Nepal and Prachanda began chasing him under Delhi’s call when the former “incorporated” Nepali landmass in Nepal’s political and administrative map.

The Nepal-Prachanda duo accuse PM Oli to have been running the party and the State on his personal whims and that PM Oli by dissolving the parliament has committed a “constitutional crime”.

However, PM Oli says when he was pushed to the wall, he have had no option left other than to dissolve the House which is the “prerogative” of the elected Prime Minister in a democratic system.
Oli’s henchmen opine that PM have had to dissolve the Parliament in haste or the Nepal President Mrs, Bhandari was about to be impeached.
Some claim that the current hotchpotch is to restore the Nepali monarchy.
Chances remain fifty fifty.
Interestingly, by this time, high placed sources claim that King Gyanendra has already met with the “special” representatives of China, India and United States of America.

Professional colleague Professor P. Kharel emphatically claims “looking at the current political mess, what is clear is that the constitution now in force has already collapsed and there is no force on earth to block the comeback of King Gyanendra to the throne he lost some years back under external pressure.

Professor Kharel intends to say that the best option now is to revive the 1990 Constitution with Constitutional Monarchy.

A confident King Gyanendra has left for his annual Jhapa trip from where he may twist the national politics the way he prefers.

High placed sources say that even the currently visiting Chinese team has brought diplomatic messages to King Gyanendra from President Xi Jinping.
In a sense the national politics is centered on King Gyanendra and the national army.

Some Chinese scholars who are versed in Nepali politics say that the dissolution of Nepal’s parliament brings Nepal back to 2005 which had the prevalence of 1990 Constitution with King.

Are the Chinese too saying that only King Gyanendra can unknot the current party-political muddle?

Unbelievably though, the fact that has come to the fore is that this time Chinese regime has come to the rescue of Nepal-Prachanda duo who both represent the Indian establishment since long time.

And PM Oli who had been propagated as a China bend man is soon to visit Delhi on Delhi’s official invitation.

Delhi has both head and tail.

China is the prime loser in Nepal.

China appears to have sided with those who were “declared” India men.

PM Oli who is talked to be a China man by the Godi-media is shortly visiting Delhi.

PM Oli’s distinct India bend is fake or real? Has Oli once again become the handy tool of the Indian regime as he was at time of the Mahakali River Treaty Ratification days in the nineties?

Have the Chinese lost their credibility in Nepal by siding with Madhav-Prachanda duo who were hundred percent loyal to the Indian establishment? Or is it that this duo has bridged Delhi-Beijing conflict? A strong rumor so claims.

China must take steps in Nepal keeping an eye on the Tibetan Bill that has already been passed by the outgoing Trump Administration.

Delhi will step up its spy activities in nepal which means more RAW mercenary recruitment in Nepal.

Friends of China are in effect declared “assets” of India and China takes them as loyal to Beijing. THis is where China gets cheated in Kathmandu. 

Perhaps China needs a strong and credible balancing force in Nepal who has the ability to keeps the immediate neighborhood happy by keeping Nepal as a truly non-aligned state.
If it is so then Nepal can easily deal with countries like India, China, and America.
Undeniably America is one of Nepal’s oldest friends. Nepal can’t ignore friendship with America. But who can balance the ties without hurting the interests of the countries as mentioned above? Keep on guessing.

That’s all. Happy New Year 2021. 

Article last week published in People’s Review weekly, Kathmandu. 

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