The swearing-in ceremony of Sher Bahadur Deuba as prime minister |(PM) has been delayed after the appointment letter issued by the President’s Office to appoint him did not mention article of the Constitution.
Deuba was invited to the Sital Niwas for the swearing-in ceremony at six in the evening but he asked for correction of the letter through Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi. “Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi has been summoned and asked to mention the article of the Constitution in the appointment letter feeling that the relationship between the president and the PM should be cordial,” a leader close to Deuba told Setopati. “He took a stand that the article must be mentioned in the appointment letter as the PM is appointed as per article of the Constitution.”
Deuba has now left for the Shital Niwas after being assured that the letter will be corrected, according to the leader.
The appointment letter issued by the President’s Office mentioned that Deuba has been appointed PM as per the Supreme Court (SC) verdict of Monday and did not mention the Article 76(5) of the Constitution in accordance to which the Apex Court ordered to appoint Deuba as PM.

Published Date: Tuesday, Ashar 29, 2078, 19:34:00

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