N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: Nepal Prime Minister Oli is a smart political player.

He played his tricks well.

Partially the current political uncertainty is because of him.

PM Oli to some extent has become authoritarian.

The rest are the creations of Delhi’s long time declared assets.

In the entire political turmoil, Delhi has won the game in Nepal defeating Beijing in broad day light.

An all-powerful Parliament that passed unanimously the political map of Nepal was a sore for India and with the dissolution, it is India and India only which may have celebrated the Oli’s Nepal adventure.

In playing this trick, Delhi has distanced Beijing in Kathmandu at a go.

Delhi shamelessly proved that in Kathmandu, only Delhi has to prevail.

Delhi’s easy victory in Nepal is also because of the massive “recruitment of mercenary” agents by the Indian spy agency-the RAW which has of late infested Dhaka, Islamabad, Colombo, and Thimpu.

The penetration of the RAW is unimaginably deep in Nepal’s political paraphernalia.

The Maldives is India’s second or the third protectorate after Bhutan and Nepal. The Indian envoy based in in Male rules the Archipelago.

Scholar Zainal Abedin last year around June had claimed at an international webinar held in Islamabad that his country has already been taken over by the RAW being posted in key Bangladeshi government posts including several ministers in the Sheikh Hasina’s Cabinet.

As of Islamabad, the November 14 “Dossier” courageously brought out by Foreign Minister S. M Qureshi and Army spokesperson General Babar Iftikhar has it that the Prime Minister of India-Narendar Bhai Modi, himself is the head of a cell that has the single purpose and that being the collapse of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor-CPEC.

General Babar also told about the details of the “dossier” separately with the Global Village in his recent interview.

After Bhutan, and the Maldives, it is Nepal which is virtually under the skintight control of the RAW agency.

RAW works in Kathmandu through the recruited, highly paid local mercenaries which allows or say helps the Indian devil agency to run almost a parallel and authoritative regime in Nepal.

High placed sources claim that almost half of the contemporary Nepali political leaders have been working in Nepal for India.

After the 1990 political change, it is believed that the RAW trebled its highly paid recruitment in Nepal.

And this “recruitment” is highly paid, Kathmandu’s political circuit says so.

The current political muddle is the sole creation of those who, presumably, were in the Indian camp in Nepal.

It is believed that half of the former UML stalwarts were enjoying the benevolent protection associated with “instructions” from their RAW masters based in Delhi.

PM Oli’s present day advisors (some only) are also in RAW payroll, it is whispered.

Not confirm but yet reliable sources claim that the Madhav Nepal-Prachanda duo is taken as the pillar of the Indian establishment more so of the RAW agency in this RAW plagued country.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is learnt to have told his near and dear “political advisors” that Madhav Nepal and Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda began a crusade from the very next day when Oli incorporated the India gulped Nepali landmass into the new political and administrative map of the country May last year.

PM Oli’s move was taken as an affront by the Indian establishment which then activated its declared “assets” in Nepal and instructed this Nepal based lobby to work hard in order to unseat the sitting Prime Minister.

Nepal-Prachanda lobby since then became nearest and dearest “enemy” to PM Oli though being in the same political party called the Nepal Communist Party-the product of the final assimilation of the former Maoists center into the former United Marxists-Leninists (UML).

Intelligent brains claim that the unity of the former UML and the Maoists center was the secret acts of the Indian establishment and the current split is thus again designed by the same regime with some “determination”.

India made these parties to unite for a purpose and when the purpose served- the split as it stands today.

Clever Indian regime yet commanded its Godi-media to pounce upon PM Oli accusing Oli as to be a political man with Beijing bend. Godi media also propagated that the unity of the Nepal Communists were the handiwork of the Chinese regime.

Very sadly, Beijing took it as true to which it was not.

PM Oli has never been a man with Bejing bend but instead he was and is still Indo-pendent person in Nepal unquestionably.

Oli is an asset of India, many believe in Nepal.

When the political chaos in the Nepal Communist party was at its peak, the Chinese envoy Hou Yanqui rushed to the Prime Ministers’ private Residence and point blank told the sitting Prime Minister that “the party unity was important and significant for Chinese regime than your continuing in the Prime Ministerial Chair”.

PM Oli got the Chinese hint and a Chair thirst PM Oli decided to patch up with the fuming Indian establishment on count of the new Nepal map issue.

Delhi understood PM Oli’s lust and greed for the coveted Prime Ministerial Chair and ordered PM KP Oli to “dissolve” the parliament which was a “bleeding wound” already to Delhi as stated above.

The Parliament was also the Delhi targeted object since 2015 because the new constitution was not written as per the instructions of the Delhi regime.

Just recall the purpose of the unwanted arrival of former Indian secretary S. Jay Shankar in 2015.

Oli acted as per Delhi’s wish much the same way as had late King Mahendra had dismissed B. P. Koirala government in 1960 together with the then Parliament which had Nepali Congress’s two thirds majority.

History got repeated with the only difference that Pundit Nehru was ruling India then and now the Islamophobic and Hindu fundamentalist Prime Minister is mercilessly ruling the Indian regime.

Indian administration under PM Modi preferred to hug once again PM Oli and absolved the latter from all the charges that he was a man with Beijing bend.

But the embrace was conditional.

The condition was Oli will henceforth at in Nepal as an Indian ally and that he will never encourage Beijing to increase its influence in Nepal.

But what of Oli’s pro-Beijing image? This was just a hoax. An Indian false dissemination of the sort of DisinfoLab that it was and nothing more than that.

It was primarily an anger of PM Oli against India on the issue of the imposition of economic blockade on Nepal in the year 2015. That was just a temporary annoyance with India.

What irritated PM Oli more was the imposition of “economic blockade” close on the heels of the “great quake in Nepal” in the same year in April 25, 2015.

An angered PM Oli flew to Beijing and signed several agreements with India’s rival-China which is what distanced PM Oli with India and vice versa.

PM Oli is a staunch supporter of the Indian regime since the next day of the Mahakali River Treaty ratification.

The UML leader KP Oli then was the prime person in Nepal to have worked for and in favor of the Indian regime and he finally succeeded in submitting the entire Nepali River Mahakali to India under a dirt cheap price.

UML insiders said then that K.P Oli pocketed an astronomic amount for having assisted India to get the Mahakali River Treaty ratified by the Nepali parliament.

The then Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Shri K. V Rajan perhaps knows as to how much he paid to get the treaty ratified.

Highly impressed by KP Oli’s all-out support, the Indian regime was so pleased that Oli’s damaged Kidneys were transplanted for free in Delhi’s Medanta Hospital.

The UML insiders on condition of anonymity have had told this scribe some two decades ago about Oli’s connections with Delhi regime.

But it was not KP Oli alone to have remained the strong ally of the Indian regime then but a host of UML leaders, including some from the Nepali Congress and from the party of the former Panchas, for example, Pasupati S Rana and Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani, to name a few.

China though has increased its influence in Nepal since 2008, yet China is a damn failure in Nepal because of China’s defective lens which takes the RAW assets as great friends of Beijing. Here China gets easily overpowered by India.

It is here that Beijing gets defeated in Kathmandu by Delhi.

And Delhi is always the winner because of its strong presence of the mercenaries who double cross Beijing.

Ambassador Wu Chuntai, and Ambassador Houlan were the ones who were excessively close to the media men working, reportedly, with the RAW in Kathmandu.

The situation should even be same as of now, hopefully.

When PM Oli listened Hou Yanqui saying that he quit the PM Chair for party unity, PM Oli switched his allegiance to India which had a brief disconnect.

And China is the loser in Nepal in that the Chinese Ambassador listening to PM Oli’s “nay” rushed to assist those who are and were Delhi’s trusted “friends” from three decades or so.

Not sure but Madhav Nepal, former UML powerful leader, reportedly draws his political strength from Delhi’s blessings and his friend Prachanda aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal has the rare distinction of having served the Indian regime, more so the RAW, for a decade and a half.

Mr. Nepal, as per the rumor inside the UML quarters even was about to import Indian army to storm Nepal’s Royal palace to tame late King Birendra.

Prachanda have had a long stint in Delhi as India’s State Guest at time of his fake People’s War which was perfectly “designed” by Shyam saran-the very dangerous Indian national who is still serving after retirement the Italian Queen Mrs. Sonia Gandhi-the Chair of the Indian national Congress.

China has inched closer to Nepal-Prachanda duo and the duo which eats India, breathe India, sleep India, drinks India and talks India.

This rumored links of China with the duo will bring disaster for China in the days to come.

Notably, the Trump administration of the US has freshly passed a bill that is related with the Tibetan freedom which surely will tease China to the hilt.

The bill that has been passed by both of the competent law making bodies of the US will demand from Nepal government to allow full-fledged rights to the Tibetan refugees settled in Nepal.

Even President elect Joe Biden has told his supporters that he will keep on raising the issue of the Tibetans and will not ignore the bill passed by Donald Trump.

This means that Joe Biden will not compromise for less on Tibetan issues in Nepal.

Thus Nepal, in the future ahead, is the most fertile land to tease China for the Western world.

The West knows that Nepalese leaders’ are “saleable commodity” and thus may seduce the Nepali intelligentsia and the political leaders to tease China from Kathmandu.

China is in a very tight and inescapable spot in Nepal.

Most of the Nepali leaders, in the Nepali Congress, the former UML and the Maoists center, have tacit linkages with the “forces” that are inimical to China.

The Nepali media is also not a trustworthy lot.

One China policy is a rhetoric only. They instead love to hate China.

For many in Nepal, China is a name synonym to cheat, deceit and undependable.

King Gyanendra lost his throne when Beijing in connivance with Delhi ousted him from the Nepali throne.

TO recall, Beijing cheated Nepal King even if the latter had lobbied for China’s inclusion in the SAARC body with an “Observer” status. This had infuriated the Indian regime then under control of proxy Prime Minister Dr. M. M. Singh-the assistant of Italian Queen Sonia Gandhi.

Moreover, China tricked Nepal in May 2015 when it signed a trade route treaty with India through the Nepali landmass in Lipulekh.

The Lipulekh blunder has not yet been corrected by China.

In sum, China is not a reliable and a loyal friend of Nepal.

So why should Nepal and the Nepalese care for the Chinese interests in Nepal?

Why should Nepal stick to its “One China policy”?

China will lose its clout in Nepal for having inched closer to the men who were tentatively taken as “declared assets” of the Delhi regime.

The Chinese four-member team led by Guo Yezhou that had arrived in Nepal to “mediate and avert” the split in Nepal Communist Party has failed in its “mission” as the team found both the warring and conflicting Communists.

Mr. Guo, is the vice-minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China.

He returned Beijing empty handed though he met with a host of Nepali leaders.

Upon return to Beijing, Guo Yezhou is learnt to have briefed his high officials that Nepal Communists were all India controlled ones.

He sent his briefing to President Xi that “Nepal is likely to become the playfield of the Western nations soon”.

With Mr. Nepal and Prachanda, now China is sure to confront immense difficulties in Nepal.

In general, the Nepali population now love to hate China’s opportunist and interventionist policy on Nepal.

In sum, China is very much similar to the Indian regime-opportunist and interventionist.

China by ignoring King Gyanendra during the India sponsored political movement of 2005-6 committed a blunder as China abandoned the yelling (silently) King at a time when the Nepali King needed China’s support most.

Given the fresh US bill on Tibetan issue, Nepal will see a direct confrontation with the world powers, regional powers and the likes very much in Kathmandu valley itself.

In addition, a history professor in New York Tom Grunfeld wrote already in 2000 that the Indian government has created a “Tibetan Military force” the Special Frontier Force (SFF) with the US support in the bordering China to challenge the Chinese forces.

This will add to China’s injury for sure in the days ahead.

Beijing awaits thus a direct face-to-face with Delhi-Washington and the European Union supported NGO/INGOs who thrive on the “free Tibet movement” campaign.

China perhaps understands well as to who could impartially neutralize the intensive pressure from the world powers including India on Nepal vis-à-vis the Tibetans?

But this political personality was most brutally dumped by Beijing-Delhi criminal nexus at time of the last so called India sponsored political revolution that ousted the Nepali monarch-King Gyanendra.  King Gyanendra is the only savior for China in Nepal though China is not a reliable friend of Nepal.

Now the ball is in Beijing’s court. That’s all.

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