CPN-UML Vice-chairman Bhim Rawal has claimed that he received threats from a few political parties to not take initiative for party unity.
Issuing a statement on Wednesday Rawal has said he received immense pressure on Sunday to not reach agreement in the task force formed to resolve the dispute in UML. The task force with Rawal as coordinator from the Khanal-Nepal faction ultimately signed a 10-point deal following a marathon 14-hour meeting that day.
The task force was revived a day after Rawal met Chairman KP Sharma Oli at Baluwatar on July 4. Rawal, who was a vehement critic of Oli in the past, has also mentioned that many in the dissident faction accused him of joining Oli due to greed of post after the meeting.
Rawal has taken exception to claims that he met a representative of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India at a hotel in Naxal before going to Balwuatar to meet Oli on July 4. He has also pointed that Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal was informed about the meeting with Oli.
He has appealed to everyone to not be misled by the smear campaign against him.

Published Date: Wednesday, Ashar 30, 2078, 15:20:00

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