N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: It has appropriately been said that if India is around, you need no enemy. The enemy is just next door and claims its ties with Nepal are “special” which a big joke is.

This is perhaps the Nepali experience collected over past seven decades.

Former Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat the other day claimed India has “special” ties with Nepal.

He was dreaming by the way. It was just a day dreaming. 

India is not even a genuine friend of Nepal, to put it modestly.

India is just a disgusting friend of Nepal. This is Nepal’s past experience with India beginning 1950. That’s it.

South Asia’s seasoned political observers conclude that both the aforementioned adages are of million dollar value and that both the axiom fit into any South Asian nation that unfortunately borders India.

Though China, not in South Asia in strict sense of the term, too somehow or the other must have been feeling the same as what is being felt the countries that are close to India.

China has an “Observer status” in the SAARC regional body which has been declared clinically dead.  

Thus India is a regional hazard, a plague better to say and it is thus advisable to keep this deathtrap at a comfortable distance to the extent possible.

Nepal after Pakistan is the real and the targeted victim of the Indian expansionist regime since the very next day of Indian independence that was “voluntarily” granted by the British India Company in the year 1947.

The Company did a great injustice to South Asia for understandable political reasons.

The smaller nations of South Asia who border this regional crook wish that the British Company and the descendants of Mughal emperor Babar which had kept India under slavery for centuries once again land through Khyber Pass and keep its freed nation again in slavery and relieve the countries in this part of the world from this epidemic named India aka Hindustan aka Bharat aka Modistan.

One third grade Bharatiya Janta Party recruit landed in Kathmandu last week and by this time (while writing this story Friday morning), the Indian political nonentity close to a clown -has met with practically the galaxy of India elevated Nepali leaders who have been ruling Nepal since the fake and the India engineered, funded and guided so called political drama that up rooted the oldest institution of Nepal-the Nepali Monarchy.

To put it mildly, the Nepali leaders for whom their political Mecca is in Delhi, the capital of the great Mughals from Fargana, prefer not to annoy their alien masters and run the nation as per the instructions of the Delhi babus.

While Nepali Ambassadors in Delhi, (usually it is the person whom Modi’s Delhi prefers), even can’t have fast track access to a “peon” serving at the South Block then a political beggar or a joker ( of the sort of the one who has just left Kathmandu) from Delhi can have an easy access  even to the Nepal Prime Minister.

And when such a meet materializes, the Indian national-a political comedian in effect meets the Nepali dignitary as if he was meeting with his students or even servants.

The pain is that the Nepali dignitary feels elated as and when such meet takes place.

This is really unfortunate for the Nepali nationals who feel the pain as and when the former British slaves Indians misbehave, ill-treat and rudely interact with the Nepali leaders or for that matter brainless politicians.

The so called political revolution of the 2005-6 brought hundreds of Nepali hooligans from India who were living in Delhi as Indian government’s State Guest.

The special breed which received Indian Government’s largesse were none less than the Nepal Maoists-the brain child of the BJP led Indian establishment now being controlled by Prime Minister Modi.

Albeit, the Nepal Maoists while being in Delhi as guest of the RAW machinery were also the adopted sons and daughters of Indira Congress then led by Italian queen, Sonia Gandhi and taken care of by Dr. Man Mohan Singh-the proxy Indian Prime Minister then.

The caretaker was the Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran who was the person who twisted the arms of the Maoists and later indoctrinated them prior to exporting the used and over used political commodity to Nepal.

In a more convincing and appropriate way, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Prachanda could well be taken as the offspring’s of the Indian regime sent to Nepal to damage this ancient nation which has the distinction of having remained ever sovereign in the globe.

These two Nepali Maoists’ brains were trained and programmed by the Indian spy agency Research Analysis Wing (the RAW) for well over a decade in New Delhi and later sent to Kathmandu to bring turmoil and utter pandemonium in the country by breaking the entire social fabric of the otherwise harmonious society which stands today in a totally shattered state as preferred by the Indian establishment.

The Maoists thus did the job which India preferred.

A country that can uninterruptedly export terrorism in neighboring and the equally competent Pakistan (the November 14 Dossier presented by Foreign Minister Qureshi and General Babar Iftikhar jointly talked on how the Indian State machinery destabilizes the Pakistani nation through the export of persons like Kul Bhushan Yadav and yet denied the filthy act by issuing a press statement reiterating that such accusations were just but concocted by the neighboring country).

The fact is that the creation of Pakistan itself has yet to be digested by the men believing in the Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (the RSS) ideology which derives its strength and inspiration from the Nazi frenzy that damaged the very political credentials of German nation.

India still appears like a Concentration camp for the minority Muslims and the Hindu Dalits who in a regular basis either killed or horribly lynched.

In a manner one could term India as an Islamophobic country which has freshly been allowed by the United States of America’s Trump administration to act like a South Asian Police State.

The October 27, 2020, US-India defense agreement gives a license to the South Asian gangster/cheat to further twist the arms of the smaller South Asian nations.

It is in this light, the visits of the three Indian national to Nepal has to be taken.

In fact, the visits of the RAW Chief on October 21, 2020, M.M. Naravne on November 4 and Harsh Shringala landed in Nepal on November 26, were all, among other political issues, centered for the restoration of King Gyanendra to the Nepali throne for some “Geo-political compulsions” that India considers to be urgent.

It was a back-to-back trip to Nepal from India. And the mission? Keep on guessing. 

Strikingly, India’s rival China too subscribes to the same Indian perception and high placed sources opine have told this scribe that both China and India conclude it was only the Nepal King who can “balance” the increasing presence and say of the two Giants in the Nepali politics and thus keep the two competing Asian rivals at a comfortable distance and keep Nepal’s sovereignty intact.

Perhaps guided by these considerations, China had sent a special emissary of President Xi Jinping to pay a courtesy call on King Gyanendra when the Chinese President had just landed in Kathmandu, it one were to recall.

President Xi’s emissary secretly had entered into King’s residence.

And very freshly, during the visit of the Chinese defense minister Wei Fenghe to Kathmandu, one more Chinese political emissary reportedly met King Gyanendra at his private residence in Maharaj Gunj and sounded that China too needs the “presence” of Nepal King to avoid direct political confrontation with rival India.

Goyal, Naravne and Shringala while being in Kathmandu met several Nepali leaders and told them all the Indian desire for the restoration of the Nepal King.

That India is determined for the restoration of the Nepali monarchy got reflected when the visiting Indian Foreign Secretary H. Shringala told a social gathering in Gorkha district that he was honored to be in legendary Gorkha district from where King Prithivi Narayan Shah began his journey for the unification of a sovereign Nepal.

Shringala must not have taken pains to visit Gorkha merely for the inauguration of the two school building constructed with the support of Indian donation.

The Indian envoy posted in Nepal could have accomplished the job.

The fact is that the Indian FS went to Gorkha and spoke in an implied manner that India revered the King who unified Nepal long time back.

Shringala did his job by sounding the latest Indian desire.

Shringala’s eulogizing King PM Shah must have come as a severe blow to those who in the recent republican years have developed some sort of allergy towards the King who unified their own nation.

These are Nepali citizens by birth but more or less behave like traitors.

Shringala’s talking high of late king P. N. Shah-the unifier was a hint to the current Nepali leaders that India was thinking big in reinstating the Nepali King which India itself had uprooted during the year(s) 2005-6.

This has brought several sleepless nights to those who have been ruling Nepal like India’s Chief Ministers.

The manner the frustrated population of Nepal across the country have suddenly come to the streets demanding the comeback of the overthrown King speaks volume of the Indian repentance for having engineered the ouster of Nepal’s oldest institution.

And remarkably, all these spontaneous demonstrations across the nation favoring the comeback of King Gyanendra have come close on the heels of Goyal, Naravne and Shringala’s brief sojourn in Nepal.

This must have some political meaning underneath.

However, the key men leading the demonstration for the King’s official return to the throne claim that the people in the streets have come on their own motivation.

They claim that the call and the crowd for the restoration of the Monarchy in the length and breadth of the country is just a home grown one and that “external” forces have nothing to do with this.

Or in other words, the demonstrations were neither designed by the Indian agency-the RAW nor any other external source/force from Western nations have had any link in it or whatsoever.

But high placed sources believe that the RAW must have its role in the sudden eruption of love and sympathy for the monarch that was ousted by India’s RAW?

But the question remains as to how an “India elevated” Nepali Crown will steer the nation if and when per chance HE is restored?

Will not he be accountable and remain subservient to the Indian regime? Will not such a reinstated King remain ever “obliged” to the Indian dictates in the conduct of State Affairs of Nepal?

This is the primary reason as to why a sizeable section of nationalist population see these demonstrations favoring the monarchy restored with a pinch of suspicion.

The suspicion is valid in that the India’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) led by Thug Prime Minister Modi prefers the Nepali monarch to assume the leadership of the entire Hindu population scattered the world over.

Here again, the question crops whether the India restored Hindu monarch will remain compliant to the instructions of the Indian BJP instructions or keep India at a distance?

The to-be restored King must recall the past wherein the Indian establishment under the Italian Queen Sonia Gandhi had unceremoniously engineered HIS ouster. Now the Indian BJP prefers the Nepali monarchy restored in its real place from where the King was ditched.

The King must take into account that India and the Indian nationals are as good as enemy and thus he should avoid to strike any compromise with the Indian regime for HIS restoration.

Interestingly, one Muslim leader in the Western region was heard saying that the Nepali Muslims were safe and secured when Nepal used to be a Hindu Kingdom and that after the ouster of monarchy, the persecution of the Muslims across the country came into existence.

The Nepali Muslims prefer Hindu Kingdom to be restored as they feel not threatened under Hindu Monarch.

Nepal King if restored will enjoy the sympathy and honor of some Billion plus Hindu population across the world.

Let the homegrown crowd decide the fate of the Nepali monarchy instead of RAW elevated King for Nepal.

Thanks that the BJP’s political clown has returned to Delhi-the former seat of the former Mughals and of the British India Company.

Nepal’s foreign minister is shortly to visit Delhi who will pave the way for the official visit of Nepal’s Prime Minister Oli who will be told by New Delhi to hand over the entire State Administration of Nepal to the King Gyanendra.

Though the continuing political turmoil has come to a happy landing only to land in yet another big problem soon. So be it. That’s all.

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