N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: Sushil Koirala, an old-young boy at 75 of the second generation was the Prime Minister of Nepal five years ago when Nepal promulgated country’s national Charter which later created Himalayan problems for the sovereign and ever Independent nation. 

One fine morning Nepal PM Koirala received a letter addressed to the Executive Head of Nepal from India signed by Racist PM Modi reiterating that “the Indian government is pleased to announce that the Indian defense ministry would like to donate one Helicopter to Nepal Army at an appropriate time”.

The letter also hinted that some high profile Minister from Indian government will land in Nepal to witness the handover ceremony of the Indian Chopper to the Nepal Army.

That was indeed a good news and as per the declaration, one lady minister was sent to Kathmandu to donate the Indian gift to the ancient military institution of Nepal.

Nepal Military institution is oldest in South Asia, for the record. 

Observers recall that the lady minister was Sushma Swaraj, the polished but cruel/brutal Foreign Minister of India who was as good as Lady Macbeth of the Shakespearean drama.

The formality ended with the donation and the very next day the newspapers having excessive India bend had the headlines with all praise for the Indian establishment as if India had ever helped Nepal for free and that Nepal had its existence only because of India in the South with the borders open for calculatedly allowing the exodus of the poor and poverty stricken Indian nationals, excluding beggars, into Nepal.

India instead drains as good as 8 Billion dollars from Nepal annually.

Indian beggars excluded. However, the Indian nationals are kept in the dark about this Nepal draining phenomenon by expansionist India.

However, some intelligent brains and high placed sources who have been watching the India’s fraudulent dramas of the donations that are attached with iron strings were smelling rat on this Indian largesse.

India extorts much than gifts Nepal.  

But yet no clue as such was available to these knowledgeable personalities as to why the Indian administration had been kind enough to donate a military hardware such as the Helicopter to the Nepal Army and that too for free?

Frankly speaking, India never gives and has never given any commodity for free but instead extracts/extracted Himalayan benefits time permitting, political and financial both, as and when a gift as such is being awarded to this India beleaguered nation since the next day of the Indian independence 1947.

Instead exports RAW agents along with the consumer goods.

Yes! India’s money under the table is being pocketed by some double cross agents who are said to have been registered in the Indian embassy’s payroll.

Informed sources claim that those Nepali nationals enjoying monthly perks from the Indian mission reportedly have approached to the tune of some forty thousands.

This numerical strength of the paid agents (rumored) definitely includes some Nepali media men who dance to the tune of Indian dictates coming to them from secret sources.

Currently, China has gulped Nepali territory is their one point agenda.

It is this set of Nepal’s brilliant and honored nationals, visibly tilted, who even came to the Kathmandu streets in the year 2015 denouncing the sitting Nepal Prime Minister K. P Oli  that the stringent Indian Economic Blockade imposed on Nepal as to have been the wrong deeds of the Prime Minister himself. This they did after the announcement of the new Charter.

This set even marched to the Nepal-India border in Birganj and observed a sit-in session for all along several weeks that further blocked the supply of the essential consumer goods from across the porous border.

This sit-in by Nepali nationals allowed the horrible and cruel Indian government led by international thug PM Modi to sound to the world through his howling and barking unapologetically nationalist media that “it is the Nepali nationals who have been not allowing the essential commodities to enter into the Nepali territory by blocking the passage at the border point in Southern Nepal”.

Later when the Indian government restored the status quo ante after eight months, the Nepali nationals media included, who had been working day in day out for India at the border were the ones to weep at the Indian stance in reverting the economic blockade by India.

These suspicious activities exhibited by our own nationals at time of the Indian blockade suggested that one single rotten egg can destabilize the country and if several eggs are rotten then the nation is already a failed state.

Nepal went on with its Constitution-promulgation scheme and as the date approached for the announcement, the Foreign Secretary with split personality S. Jay Shankar landed in Kathmandu uninvited whose presence was not at all warranted in the country.

The multiple disorder political personality Shankar warned the Nepali leaders to “listen to the plea of the Nepalese Madheshi’s grievances and incorporate their aspirations in the new Constitution” and ‘halt’ the announcement of the national document for an indefinite period.

Or else, warned the Indian minister with riven character that India will be forced to impose Economic Blockade on Nepal.

Nepali leaders went with their announcement plan as scheduled and Shankar’s warning came into existence that is India imposed an eight months long economic blockade.

Let’s be clear. The New Constitution was promulgated during the Premiership of Late Sushil Koirala and the economic blockade was imposed by the thug n4eighbor at time when KP Oli had become the Prime Minister of Nepal.

What was most horrifying of it all was prior to the Blockade, Nepal was hit by a deadly 7.9 Magnitude on the Richter scale earth quake on April 25, 2015 (Saturday at 11. 55 A. M).

Interestingly, India came to the rescue of the quake hit Kathmandu denizens. It was this fake rescue effort which largely contributed to the excessive hatred for Modi and his lapdog(s) in the Nepali media.

High ranking RAW agents in the guise of media men from Delhi flooded Kathmandu and almost captured the International Airport and then intentionally flew the Indian Choppers in the North of Kathmandu that touched the Tibetan border, China in the North which was intended on spying on China’s Tibet.

China became alert and sent PLA troops in the adjoining Tibetan border.

A sort of chaos was created by the India’s nonsense media who began howling and barking that India has come to the salvage of the “completely devastated Nepal”.

One idiot Indian media man simply created ugly scene in Kathmandu and the nationalists in Kathmandu began their slogan with “Go Back Modi…Go Back Indian media”.

He was ‘Rahul Kanwal, an anchor in one of the Indian TV channels.

Presumed RAW man Kanwal earned hatred from Nepal.

The Indian blockade had brought immense problems for Nepal for eight months plus.

It was this blockade which practically distanced Nepal from India in an unprecedented way. The drift in Nepal-India ties seen then appears remote to come to its original position which is very good news for Nepal.

Nepali people still love to hate India.

And it was this Blockade which allowed China to enter Nepal through a big bang. China’s grand entry was almost lauded by Nepal’s nationalists’ media.

PM KP Oli left for Beijing as the blockade stretched for long.

The Chinese response was more than favorable and since then Nepal has surely found in China a great and reliable partner though China is definitely not.

Though China is comparatively very Nepal-friendly yet China can’t be completely relied upon.

Interestingly, the Indian blockade encouraged some Nepali leaders in Terai-Madhesh to press Nepal government with the Indian backing though the Madhesi leaders rebuke it. However, the fact is that India imposed the blockade to impress the Nepali population in Madhesh to signal that they “were in the Good book” of the Indian establishment.

Their illusion came to an end when India suddenly lifted the blockade when Nepal inched very close to China.

This had immense political connotation.

Now let’s come again to the Helicopter story that was an Indian farcical donation primarily. In effect, it was a world class joke.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala almost fainted in his Singh Durbar office when some of the PM’s secretariat officials handed over yet another letter addressed to Nepal Prime Minister by the Indian government.

Koirala opened the envelope and began reading the terrifying contents of the letter.

Reports that trickled out from the PM Secretariat was that PM Koirala first fainted and when he came to senses, he ordered drinking water with ice cubes.

The letter read,  ‘Mr. Prime Minister, we at the Indian defense ministry have been advised by the Indian Prime Minister’s office to write to Nepal government for the urgent payment of the Helicopter which Nepal bought from India some months back”.

Thus the donation of the Chopper ended with a very bad note which for sure exposed the Indian trickery associated with thuggery par excellence.

India much the same way must have cheated other smaller neighbors as well. Maldives is the target now. The SAARC foreign ministerial level conference is in progress. Let’s hope that India will stretch its coercive muscles again.   

India’s next step will be to woo ‘angered’ smaller neighbors. The smaller neighbors must understand the new Indian design and thwart any arm twisting in the days ahead. India definitely is a threat to South Asian peace, obviously Afghanistan included. The March demonstrations in Bangladesh against “expansionist India” should be an eye opener for the people and the nations of South Asia. India needs to be isolated now till it learns on how to behave with sovereign nations.  

India trained and indoctrinated Nepal Maoists leaders a few years ago had reiterated that “India’s best help would be not helping Nepal”. That’s all.

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