N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: Beijing in the recent days has in no uncertain terms sounded India to keep in mind three things in the conduct of its ties with China.

First, China says “India must shoulder the blame of having precipitated the current situation”; secondly, “China doesn’t propose to use of force to change the ground situation in eastern Laddakh but remains resolute about safeguarding its territorial integrity” and thirdly, “India should work with China rather than against China which will be to mutual benefit by adhering to the consensus reached between President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Modi”.

The second suggestion has a subtle message to India.
China has also recommended India to work towards enhancing political mutual trust and strengthening practical cooperation.

China’s million dollar “free” ideas to India came when some Indian media men based in Beijing recently posed a Delhi “planted” question to the Chinese spokesperson Hua Chunying on what was his response to the “problematic” ties with India in the face of the fresh interview of Indian Foreign Minister granted to the Australian think tank Lowy Institute.

Indian analyst Bhadra Kumar believes that it is FM S. Shankar who has, in his own words, “shepherding” India into an alliance with the US which Kumar opines to have already become “questionable”.

The US-India alliance is solely aimed against China, South Asian experts believe and Kumar also considers the coalition as “questionable”.
This means that some matured analysts in India prefer to fluctuate with the manner Minister Shankar has been guiding the Indian foreign policy of late which leads the Indian policy straight towards Washington.

For Islamophobic India under BJP-RSS Prime Minister Modi, Washington is the universe.

To recall, during the Cold war era, India milked to the hilt the former USSR. With the abrupt breakdown of the former Soviet Union, India very unapologetically glued to the USA.
India is a trickster and an international thug got proves.

Notably, India has already abandoned the Non Aligned Movement-NAM.

Bhadra Kumar also claims that the Indian regime is in a state of panic with the election defeat of President Donald Trump more so, he claims that president elect Joe Biden may not copy or give his straight approval to the muscular line of Donald Trump taken on China when he assumes the US Presidency in January next year.
For Trump, China is number one enemy.

If it will be so then India should be ready for the bad days that were in store.

But will Joe Biden ignore the US-India defense treaty signed on October 27, 2020, in Delhi?

Will Joe Biden speak in favor of the imprisoned Kashmiri people? Will Biden make an issue of India’s clear Islamophobic bend?

The October 27 pact tentatively is aimed against China which also allows India to twist the arms of the smaller nations of South Asia.

When India is heavily armed by the US then Pakistan is the declared target.
It may be used as the US license to threaten Pakistan.

It is here the next US President Biden’s political-diplomatic acumen shall be tested when he begins to command the White House administration.

Much will also depend on how the next Secretary of State, Antony Blinkin takes the US-India defense agreement signed by the previous management and also on how he moves ahead with the South Asia policy as structured by Biden’s government or approves the policy adopted by the previous Trump’s regime?

Having faced several humiliating debacle(s) in the recent months, the visible Indian bend towards US was definitely with a determination and that being first to strengthen its position in this part of the world and secondly threaten China on any issue as and when instructed by the Western nations or for the internal consumption.

New Delhi for several political reasons has some scores to be settled with China with the active assistance of the US.

India is dragging the US in its rivalry with China. This is unfortunate.

After the Laddakh insult, the abhorrence against China in India was such that the Indian nationals across the country initiated “boycott China made products”.

In the meantime after the Laddhakh debacle, the US jumped to the rescue of the Indian establishment and signed an agreement, as mentioned earlier, on October 27 which not only encouraged the coercive Indian regime but also compelled the smaller South Asian nations to inch “willingly” closer to the regime in Beijing.
It is just a bumper prize for Beijing.

Thus Beijing came as political deterrent for the regional countries as against the highhandedness of the brute Indian establishment.

The October US-India defense agreement almost authorizes India to control the politics of the South Asian nations into its hands and whip the terrified nations to obey to the dictates of the Indo-Pacific strategy-the IPS whose South Asia chief is the former slave of the British Company. .

Notably, Nepal’s foreign minister Pradip Gyawali is soon to land in Delhi wherein he will be subjected to intense pressure by his Indian counterpart, S. Jayshankar to secure the approval from him for the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Once the Nepali minister gives his nod to the IPS, Prime Minister Oli will rush to Delhi and agree verbatim to what he will be told to agree by his former Delhi allies.
Oli during the UML era, was talked to be the “Delhi’s yes man”.

Oli’s links with Beijing is for public consumption only.

(The former Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat has tentatively warned Nepal to expand its ties with China only that could be digested by Delhi).

This way, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will eventually prove himself that he was never ever a pro-Beijing man, as he is being taken in some political quarters and in Beijing also, but instead a man of the RAW-Indian establishment’s trusted persona from the days of the Mahakali River Treaty Ratification days in the mid-nineties.

RAW is talked to have transplanted ailing Oli’s two damaged Kidneys at the Medanta Hospital for free for his “excellent” service rendered to the RAW and Indian regime in the not so in the distant past.
For some in Nepali politics, East or west, RAW is best.

Beijing though not a reliable and trustworthy partner of Nepal should understand that whom it considers as its loyal friend in Nepali politics were not but instead a double player or the posted men at best were working for the Indian regime for some hefty financial gains.

China and Pakistan thus take it for granted that the Indian regime-a plague of South Asia that it is, shall never work for the betterment of ties but instead keep itself engaged in disinformation campaign much the same way that it had been doing with Pakistan through the use and over use of fake websites stationed across the world over.

Abid Hussain & Shruti Menon wrote for the BBC world news last weekend that new investigations have revealed that, in their own words, “a dead professor and numerous defunct organisations were resurrected and used alongside at least 750 fake media outlets in a vast 15-year global disinformation campaign to serve Indian interests.

The man whose identity was stolen was regarded as one of the founding fathers of international human rights law, who died aged 92 in 2006, the BBC media men write.
“It is the largest network we have exposed,” said Alexandre Alaphilippe, executive director of EU DisinfoLab which undertook the investigation and published an extensive report on Wednesday, last week.

India is expert in exporting terrorism and also has the distinction in spreading false rumors against any country that it dislikes-such as Nepal and Pakistan.
What India is not?

During 2005-6, the Indian false machinations spread strong rumors against Nepal King and finally ousted him unceremoniously.

A tweet by EU DisinfoLab writes, “Indian Chronicles-how a massive 15 year influence operation successfully targeted the EU and UN with 759+ fake local media and 10+zombie –NGOs.
The network was designed primarily to “discredit Pakistan internationally” and influence decision-making at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and European Parliament, EU DisinfoLab said.
Perhaps it is these bogus networks remote-controlled by the Indian establishment that brainwash the minds of the men handling the UN and other competent international community, including the European Union, to speak and ventilate foul against Pakistan primarily and China in general.

South Asian media and diplomatic sources claim that such fake and pseudo websites are being directly controlled by India’s South Block (Foreign Ministry).

Minister Shankar is talked to be the chief controller of the fake websites against Pakistan and China.

According to BBC Urdu World Service (Alia Nazki), December 10, 2020, these fake news sources controlled by the Indian machinery and its henchmen scattered all over the globe, more so in the European countries (Geneva and Brussels) approach the European opinion makers, Parliamentarians and the likes and convince these political men to pen articles against the Kashmiri population and appeals the writers to create fake stories which provoke the Baloch people to cry foul against Pakistan, to say the least.

The men in Brussels who apparently have researched for the EU DisinfoLab realistically claim that the network’s one point agenda is to damage the political credentials of India’s smaller neighbors, Pakistan included, by disseminating self-manufactured news against the neighbors and disseminate entirely false news across the globe.

Reports in the international media have it that last year, the main researchers uncovered some 265 pro-Indian sites (online portals) operating across 65 plus countries, and traced them back to a Delhi-based Indian holding company, the Srivastava Group (SG).

Here is a twist.
The SG is spread over at least 116 countries and has targeted members of the European Parliament and the United nations.

The question now is how much neutral is the UN or for that matter the EU parliament?
In the meanwhile, Rights defender Andy Vermaut says all fake organisations must lose their recognition from the United Nations, writes the Tribune Monday, December 14, 2020.
Andy Vermouth said “he was astonished to hear about the research of the EudisinfoLab.
The Indian notoriety, says Andy that the “resurrection of Commission to Study the Organization of Peace (CSOP) even uses Professor Louis B. Sohn, died in 2006, but the fake media portrayed as id the dead Prof. participated in HR activities in Washington even a year after his death.

This clearly speaks of the India’s decayed brain that spits venom against its neighbors specially Pakistan.

Says Andy lastly that, “the NGOs that spread disinformation AGAINST NEIGHBIRS AND Pakistan were mostly represented by students at the UNHRC. These students were paid 186 Euros in cash to put Pakistan in a bad light”.

Indian Chronicles-the name given to the operation –resurrected dead media, dead think-tanks and NGOs. It even resurrected dead people. The network is active in Brussels and Geneva in producing and amplifying content to undermine Pakistan, writes The Tribune 14 December.

Reacting to Indian disinformation campaign against his country, the Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi has called on the UN and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) December 11, 2020, to immediately investigate and de-list “10 fake NGOs created by India to malign Pakistan”.

Qureshi also accused the ANI (Asian News International) of amplifying propaganda against Pakistan and he noted that the organization had a partnership with the Reuters, which, he said, was also being used to spread this information, reports the Reuters, Friday, December 11, 2020.

UNHRC spokesperson Ronaldo Gomez said the organization would look into these specific allegations, and that it was aware a number of accredited groups were pursuing their own political agenda or those of the governments.

Other sources say that some 10 different Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) who have been recognized by the UN System also have been found engaged in propagating news and views against the smaller South Asian countries namely, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Nepal was the victim of this disinformation-Indian-lab when the government of Nepal officially incorporated some of its own lands in its political and administrative map which were (and is still) virtually gulped by the expansionist Indian regime.

Interestingly, this expansionist India a few months back took China as an expansionist country.

An expansionist country from top to bottom dubbed China as an expansionist country.
This was ridiculous.

The real victim of the Indian high level expansionism is Nepal and of late, as per Zainal Abedin, a Bangladesh research scholar, who while attending an International Webinar conducted by one Islamabad think tank June this year had told his audience that the Indian spy agency has been ruling supreme in his country and that a sort of coalition of Muslim countries be formed in order to control the spread of the RAW infiltration in his country and other neighboring nations like Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Zainal proposed that the coalition be formed from among the Muslims countries of the region.

Why this Dhaka scholar omits Nepal is mysterious as Zainal should understand that it is the RAW that has been commanding in essence the complete and total power structure of present day Nepal. Zainal needs time to study RAW in Nepal.

That’s all.

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