N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: The foreign secretary of the expansionist Indian regime, Harsh Shringala, landed in Nepal at the end of November last month.

The Nepali speaking Shringala came to Nepal close on the heels of his Himalayan insult that he faced and felt this August in Bangladesh-a country that New Delhi assumes which fits into its inside pocket.

It was a fitting and deserving insult to the intimidating regime in India from a country that apparently “created” Bangladesh.

The diplomatic affront was with a resolve in Dhaka wherein Shringala landed only to find that he was not to be received by any foreign ministry officials at the Dhaka international airport.

The message was loud and clear.

He was the most unwanted guest to have forcefully landed in B’desh. 

It was a planned abuse to Shringala who landed in Dhaka in a special Chartered flight.

But what was the purpose? Will come to it later.

Shringala who was once the Indian High Commissioner posted in Dhaka hardly could see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s face although the Indian FS tried hard to see her in person.

The fact is that Bangladesh has developed of late strong socio-political-religio reservations with India on the latter’s newly enacted Citizenship law that primarily humiliates the Bangladeshi government and its people for multiple reasons.

India believes that Bangladeshi “termites” have a swelling presence in India to which Dhaka denies.

The intensity of anger in Dhaka against Delhi was so high that the Indian enactment of the Citizenship laws prompted both the domestic Islamists and leftist organisations to held unprecedented protests over Modi’s upcoming visit, while the intellectuals based across the nation also issued a joint statement condemning the violence and expressing concerns about the symbolism of Modi’s visit.

Modi was forced to abandon his trip.

To put it more specifically, the Communists, Islamic groups like Hefazat-e-Islam and university students held demonstrations against Modi’s upcoming visit to Dhaka.

They believed, said media sources in Dhaka, that the invite was an insult to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who stood for a non-communal and secular Bangladesh.

Not only the Indian Prime Minister Modi have had to cancel his visit to Dhaka, but the ministers from B’desh who had scheduled their visits to Delhi too cancelled their visits sine die.

Foreign Minister Abdul Momen also had to skip Delhi visit as a mark of protest to the Citizenship bill of India.

The Indian citizenship law prompted Dhaka to summarily ignore the Indian High Commissioner Riva Das Ganguly’s official request to pay a courtesy call on PM Hasina for at least four consecutive months.

She was trying hard beginning February for all along four months.

HC Riva Das felt badly humiliated and headed straight towards a suburban village in the Dhaka suburbs to regain her morale that had gone down.

Dhaka in its own manner sounded Delhi its appropriate displeasure over the citizenship laws.

To sum up, the CAA has been rightfully questioned, said Dhaka based media sources, and criticized in Muslim majority Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan as to have been “fuelling demographic tensions” between Muslims and the Hindus as part of a “Grand Hindu-nationalist agenda” that has primarily been crafted by the Islamophobic PM Narendar Modi in order to fashion a broader Hindu world in present day India aka Hindustan that encompasses the entire followers of Hindu faith across the countries in this part of the South Asian region including the ever sovereign Nepal.

When asked by a media man in Dubai, PM Hasina Wajed is on record to have stated that the bill was not “necessary” at all.

She expressed her displeasure. Delhi got the point.

What came as a Himalayan surprise to the entire Indian establishment when the foreign minister Abdul Momen secretly invited the Pakistani High Commissioner Imran Ahmed Siddiqui on July 1, 2020 and the meet is learnt to have lasted about two hours, so reported the Turkish News Agency-the Anadolu.   

This secret meet shook the entire structure of Modi’s Hindutva regime in Delhi.

This meet in essence facilitated the one-on-one talks in between the two Prime Ministers Imran Khan and Sheikh Hasina on 22nd July this year.

Apart from exchange of pleasantries, the two Prime Ministers of South Asian Muslim countries held talks on how to increase interactions between the two countries and both nations should work together match to the changing context in South Asia’s political scenario.

They both talked on reviving the India killed SAARC body. The telephone call from Imran to Hasina made several sleepless nights to the Hindutva gang in Delhi which in essence forced Delhi to send Shringala to Dhaka wherein he found himself most unwelcome as already mentioned.

As if it were not enough, the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina invited the Pakistani High Commissioner Imran Ahmed Siddiqui to her office in Dhaka on December 2, 2020 and the two decided to enhance their bilateral ties forgetting the past.

This was the second jolt to coercive Delhi from Dhaka in less than six months.

Hardly had a week lapsed of this Hasina-Siddiqui meet in Dhaka, the outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave almost a blanket cheque, December 7, 2020, to the number one Islamophobic country, India-the regional scoundrel.

Mike Pompeo designated Pakistan and competing rival China along with eight other countries that are of particular concern for engaging in or tolerating “systematic, ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom”.

Besides China and Pakistan, the other countries included in the list are Myanmar, Eritrea, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Pakistani media sources have told that Islamabad dismisses the US manufactured allegations.

In its response, the Pakistani Foreign Office said the designation was “completely against the realities on the ground and raises serious doubts about the credibility of the exercise.” It said that such “subjective designations” do not help the cause of global religious freedom, adding that Pakistan have been bilaterally engaging on the subject already.

Noting that Pakistan’s views had been conveyed to the U.S., the statement claimed Pakistani society was “multi-religious and pluralistic with a rich tradition of inter-faith harmony.” It said the Constitution guaranteed religious freedom and the protection of the rights of minorities.

Instead, the Indian government should have been in the “concern” list but the US exempts India out of love. This is puzzling indeed.

India for the US is a strong pillar for the Indo-Pacific Strategy to which it is not.

It is not for nothing that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the general meeting of the state-run think tank Russian International Affairs Council the other day that, “India is currently an object of the Western countries persistent, aggressive and devious policy” as they are ‘trying to engage it in anti-China games by promoting Indo-Pacific strategies, the so called Quad’.

Lavrov adds, “India is currently engaged in anti-China games by promoting Indo-Pacific strategies”.

This explains Russia’s closeness with China and distaste concurrently for India-the former Cold war ally.

India used to be strong pillar of the former Soviet Union. However, with the break-down of the USSR, India jumped to the US camp and tentatively is milking the US.

This encouraged the outgoing US administration in Washington to dismiss the US commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) recommendation of designating India as a country of particular concern for violation of religious freedom.

India rejected the USCIRF’s recommendations.

“We reject the observations on India in the UISCIRF Annual report”, said India.

India said that “it is biased and tendentious comments against India are not new and that we regard it as an organization (the USCIRF) of particular concern and will treat it accordingly”, said India.

Instead of taking the Islamophobic Indian nation to task, Washington in an unconcealed manner inserted Pakistan in its list and designated Pakistan and China as Countries of Particular Concern (CPC).

This explains why India is like a tail to the US’s outgoing administration led by President Donald Trump.

The US appears to have closed its eyes and prefers not to see the merciless atrocities done by the highly Muslim hater Indian government.

To recall, after the Gujarat massacre, yet another deliberate killing of the minority Muslims in India, more so in Delhi, took place in early February this year and the eye witness was no less than the visiting US President Donald Trump himself.

Though sporadic lynching of the Dalits and Muslims in India is a regular phenomenon and yet the international community including the UN System is silent.

Secretary Pompeo in doing so has definitely compiled diplomatic problems for the upcoming US administration to be led by President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinkin.

Blinkin must not trust India as Mike Pompeo did.

Antony Blinkin is further advised to look South Asian nations not through the Indian lens.

Any untoward pressure on Muslim countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh may create problems for Joe Biden who has to go along with Pakistan if he wishes to bring in peace in Afghanistan after the US troop’s approaching withdrawal.

There is no escape.

President elect Joe Biden understands very well that the key to Afghanistan peace is with Pakistan and thus he will prefer not to infuriate Pakistan, if he is wise enough, raising the issues which instead should have been targeted against the Muslim hater regime in India under PM Modi who was the mastermind of the Gujrat massacre, if one were to recall.

Bangladesh and Afghanistan which are not directly named as a country of particular concern by the State department freshly, yet they too could be brought into the list if and when these two countries beg to differ with the policies of the US in South Asian political landscape.

If Delhi thinks that Dhaka has to be tamed then the former may hint the US to penalize Dhaka under some religious ruse.

The ruse could be Dhaka’s fresh excessive hobnob with Beijing.

For the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) dated December 9, 2020, Joyeeta Bhattacharjee writes that “China and Bangladesh are considered to be all-weather friends and cooperation in the areas of defense and economy are core to the bilateral relationship. Notably, China is the only country with which Bangladesh has a defense cooperation agreement. And China is the largest supplier of arms to the Bangladesh army.  The Bangladesh Navy purchased its first submarine from China”.

Delhi may also complain forwarding Dhaka’s recurrent secret phone calls to Pakistan which is excessively close to Beijing with which Dhaka has now excellent ties.

And the same may also apply to Kabul if President Ghani ignores PM Modi and his Hindu Gang of four.

The Gang of Four include, PM Modi, FM Amit Sah, Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Foreign Minister S Shankar.

Somewhat annoyed by Mike Pompeo’s scathing and unwarranted comments made on Pakistan, the US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback defended the action taken against Pakistan.

Brownback says that “there were several recommendations made by the commission that the US Secretary didn’t follow, and this was the one of them.

He said this when asked why India was not designated as a country of particular concern.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo perhaps out of sheer love for India did not take into account the fact that Brenton Tarrant, the Australian born attacker who killed 51 plus Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, had travelled extensively around the world, including the fundamentalist Hindu India where he is supposed to have stayed for three months prior to moving to New Zealand to carry out the country’s worst massacre in 2019, say international media sources.

Some others believe that Brenton while being in India was in touch with some of the core RSS leaders who possess special hatred for the Muslims living across the world.

The attack on Christchurch shook the government of New Zealand led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Brenton stayed in India between November 21, 2015, and February 18, 2016 and it was this period which he may have used to meet the India’s RSS leaders.

India’s RSS organization draws inspirations from the party of the German Nazis.

This should explain as to what the present day India is in essence?

Yet the outgoing US administration has awarded clean chit to the Rastriya  Swayam Sevak Sangh-RSS led India is.

It is time for the Muslim countries scattered all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, to impress upon the incoming US president not to take on to the path charted by the Trump administration which is to create diplomatic problems to President elect Joe Biden when he will have to revise his policy on South Asia and China.

A seasoned politician and a highly experienced White House veteran, Joe Biden is not new to US foreign policy conducts. He knows better on how to correct the past diplomatic blunders. President Joe Biden must keep himself alert from the possible tricks and thuggery of the Indian regime which may push the US to pounce upon rival China for understandable political reasons. The US and China must go along with each other in the larger interest of the global peace. India’s villainy must be exposed. That’s all.

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