Japan will provide AstraZeneca vaccine to Nepal through the vaccine sharing scheme COVAX in what will come as a huge relief to the older Nepali adults who are awaiting second dose of Covishield for a long time.
The kingdom will provide 11 million doses of AstraZeneca to Asian countries including Nepal, Reuters reported Tuesday quoting Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi.
Motegi revealed that 11 million doses of the double-dose vaccine will be sent this month to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, Laos, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, as well as various Pacific Island states. The exact number of doses Nepal will receive has yet to be known.
Japan will also provide 1 million doses each to Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam apart from the 11 million doses.
Japan has pledged $1 billion and 30 million doses to COVAX. Motegi said on Tuesday, according to Reuters, that the AstraZeneca doses made in Japan were approved by the World Health Organization on July 9 for use in COVAX.
Around 1.30 million Nepalis older than 65 years have not been able to receive second dose of Covishield (AstraZeneca made in India) after receiving the first dose in March following India’s ban on export of vaccines to other countries.

Published Date: Tuesday, Ashar 29, 2078, 13:15:00

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