Senior Leader of CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal has urged the party lawmakers to vote in support of Prime Minister (PM)Sher Bahadur Deuba during the floor test.

Issuing a statement on Sunday from Delhi, where he is currently undergoing treatment, Khanal has urged the lawmakers to not be confused pointing that the Deuba government should be at helm for two years.

“I heartily urge all the honorable lawmakers in the parliamentary party of UML to give confidence vote to the Deuba government without being influenced by any kind of confusion and rage,” Khanal has said through the statement.

He has warned that the country will again suffer crisis if Deuba fails the floor test.

He has, however,  lauded the efforts of the second generation leaders to save party unity.

The Khanal-Nepal faction is set to give vote of confidence to Deuba Sunday but those who represented the faction in the task force are not in favor of giving confidence vote pointing the party is still in the process for unity.

Published Date: Sunday, Shrawan 3, 2078, 13:28:00

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