On June 5, 2021, one of the best repousse artists in the world, Raj Kumar Shakya passed away while being treated for the COVID-19 virus infection. His passing has been felt across the art world and also at the political level in Nepal and condolences continue to flow to his family. The Prime Minister of Nepal has sent a personal letter of support to his family. Raj Kumar’s art creations can be seen all over Nepal and globally. The Swayambhu stupa replica at the German expo, the colossal statue of Padmasambhava in Bhutan, the tall Buddha statue at Lumbini are just 3 examples of Raj Kumar’s creative work.

Four years ago Raj Kumar Shakya came to the realization that many artists like himself create masterpieces and send them to the clients and then these objects are not seen or heard of again. There is no location nearby that the artist can go to and show their creation. Out of this dilemma came the idea to craft and install the world’s largest standing mask of the Sweta Bhairab at the southern end of the Kathmandu valley and to build the Nepal Art Village around it. The idea won a lot of support and the mask is now about 60% complete. We have the obligation to complete this dream of Raj Kumar Shakya.

With the determination to complete Raj Kumar’s wish, the Nepal Art Village has appointed Mr. Rajendra Shakya to lead the company. Rajendra is an established artist in the lost wax technique. He has also proven himself to be a successful entrepreneur and owns and manages Hotel Ananda at Lumbini.

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