Kathmandu, June 23

The Ministry of Health and Population has informed that the country’s Covid-19 tally has reached 656,891 as of Wednesday afternoon.

The ministry says 2,421 new cases were confirmed in the country in the past 24 hours.

In this period, 7,461 swab samples were tested in the RT-PCR method, of which 1,511 returned positive. Likewise, 4,953 people underwent antigen tests for the virus, of which an additional 910 tested positive.

As of today, there are 50,520 active cases across the country. Of them, 3,234 are hospitalised, 734 in intensive care units and 213 on ventilators.

In the past 24 hours, 3,558 people have achieved recovery whereas 81 deaths have been reported.

Of the total cases so far, 568,440 people have achieved recovery. Likewise, 8,894 died, according to the ministry. Nepal’s current recovery rate is 90.5 per cent and the death rate 1.5 per cent.

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