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Kathmandu: The most common question people have begun to ask across the nation: Will PM Oli resign on moral grounds?

Will the Prime Minister dare to face the upcoming vote of no confidence motion against him the moment the Parliamentary session resumes in the stipulated days as per the Court’s orders or shall he tender his resignation for fear of being ridiculed for his mis-adventure, if it were at all one, he did by recommending the House dissolution which was instantly accepted by the sitting President-Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari?

Strong rumors suggest that Prachanda and Madhav duo are planning “big” for Nepal President.

Prachanda’s attachment with Delhi remains no longer a secret.

This has meaning in the changed political context?

The idea is to oust Prime Minister Oli through the vote of no confidence in the “resumed” parliament and for the President the scheme is to push a motion of “impeachment”.

Whether the arrangement planned for PM Oli is a home grown one or is a “guaranteed” plan engineered by some aliens near in the vicinity or from far flung developed countries has yet not been ascertained, however, high placed sources claim that some European Countries in complicity with the overwhelmingly present the RAW-the Indian spy agency which has mastered the art of destabilization and is supposed to have inner penetration into the body politic of this beleaguered country, may have designed this plan, including the agitation and media war against prime Minister Oli.

Is it a ploy to distance China from Nepal? Or a China containment great game? But China is not a reliable partner of Nepal. This has been proved time and again. 

But this remains yet to be substantiated.

Back to the main question: Whether PM Oli will resign or not on moral grounds?

To take up the question first, knowledgeable sources who have close contacts with PM Oli and know his inner habits, arrogance, and working style say that PM Oli, if they know him better, will prefer to die rather than resign from the current post.

But why he will do so?

The answer is: “those who have had been targeting PM Oli saying him prior to the Court’s Order made on February 22, 2021, that he is just a “caretaker” Prime Minister now is more powerful than what he used to be, as per his opponents, simply because after the Supreme Court’s Orders, Prime Minister Oli is the Prime Minister with a two thirds majority.

PM Oli enjoys a two thirds mainstream even as of today simply because the Party that is the NCP still is officially stands united.

This means that until and unless the NCP stands officially divided, PM Oli is the Chairman of the Party and thus the Parliamentary leader and thus the nation’s Prime Minister.

Have we heard that the United Nepal Communists Party has officially divided or split into two halves? No competent authorities in Nepal have so far announced that Party is alienated.

Not yet perhaps.

So he will not resign voluntarily or say on moral grounds. Yes! Chances are there if the No Confidence Motion against the PM Oli gets more than the desired votes in the Parliament, he will be forced to tender the resignation.

This instead brings in the chances for intensive “horse trading”-a very dirty practice in a democracy.

The Indian establishment will prefer now to “invest” on Sher Bahadur Deuba-the Nepali Congress President.

Rumors claim that Mr. Deuba could be the best and cool “political horse” for the Indian regime for a variety of seen and unseen reasons.

Thanks Deuba enjoys cordial relations with the developed and the highly developed West. That’s all.

And here is a flash news: 

Prachanda and Madhav Kumar Nepal went to see Sher Bahadur Deuba at his private residence in Buda Nilkantha. The troika perhaps talked on how to proceed in the days ahead for the formation of a new government. Most likely, this secret meet, if it is, will endorse SB Deuba as the next Prime Minister provided PM Oli resigns or sacked through Vote of No Confidence. All roads now leads to Deuba and then to Delhi. Delhi is the winner as always. Best of luck. 

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