N. P. Upadhyaya; Kathmandu: India’s former Army Chief Bipin Rawat last week said in Delhi that India enjoys “special and unique” relations with Nepal.
This is not true. His statement is hundred percent incorrect.

The fact is that Nepal is a sovereign country that never has experienced slavery of any sort and has, unfortunately, a friend in the bordering South called India aka Bharat aka Hindustan.

Nepal’s ties with India are just friendly and nothing more than that.
Neither special nor unique. That’s it.
Albeit, the friendship in between Nepal and India are based on unequal footing which, as per the 1950 treaty of peace and friendship, allows India to coerce and twist the Nepali arms as and when Delhi so desires.
The Treaty runs as per the whims of India.
The redundant 1950 treaty neither assures “0peace” in Nepal nor guarantees “coercion less friendship” with India.
That’s it. The treaty is so to say a handy tool for India to twist the Nepali Arms.
Some Indian leaders at times claim that India and Nepal enjoy cordial and heart-to-heart relationship.
These notions are made in India. Nepal doesn’t believe in such one sided notions or theories.
However, the fact is that since India’s Independence that was voluntarily granted by the outgoing British India Company, Nepal has experienced five “economic blockades” from India of which the last one was in the year 2015-close on the heels of Great quake of April 25, 2015( Saturday).
Could this be called a special or unique ties with India?
Inhumane blockade that it was from Modi-the international thug as he is being taken in South Asian political spectrum distance Nepalese from India and its repulsive establishment.
The economic blockade of 2015 reminds the Nepali population of the cruelty and the extent of brutality of the Indian regime to which it can go the low.
And yet Bipin Rawat, the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS) concludes that India enjoys “special” ties with Nepal. He is speaking a white lie.
Rawat while speaking at a Delhi intellectual platform in a state of drunkenness subtly warned Nepal to remain “vigilant” while making agreements with some countries in the region.
Rawat’s indirect but implied message was that Nepal’s wish to inch closer to China was “unacceptable” to India and that India can digest Nepal’s ties with China only to a scale set by the Indian regime.

By implication, India henceforth will decide to what extent Nepal should and could have ties with China or for that matter with those countries whom India considers its enemy?
In other words, India would love to declare Nepal as the second “protectorate” after Baby Bhutan.
Look what he said on Nepal-India ties December 17 that the ties were as “tall as the Himalayas and as deep as the Indian Ocean”.
An encouraged Bipin claimed that “India’s goodwill towards its neighbor comes with “no strings attached”. This was too much for Kathmanduites.
Neither Nepal-India ties are tall as expressed by Bipin nor is it as deep as ocean.
In fact, Nepal-India ties have ever remained at its lowest ebb and has stood as desired by the Indian regime.
As an when Nepal has tried to assert its role in the region or for that matter in the international fora, India has always tried to scold Nepal sounding that Nepal must not exceed the “India set limits” and that Nepal must follow to what India prescribes for Nepal.
It was late King Mahendra who somehow or the other elevated the international image of sovereign Nepal as against the wishes of the dirty and filthy ideas of the Indian Union led then by sick and ailing Pundit Nehru whose Nehruvian doctrine was equal to a curse for Nepal.

The Indian Prime Minister Pundit Nehru was not only an expansionist but also a tip-to-toe imperialist which he copied from his masters-the outgoing British India Company- which freed him and his people from the continued slavery and granted independence in the year 1947.
Nepali population could not control their laughter when Bipin Rawat told the “India selected” gathering of the Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE) that “India’s goodwill” comes with no strings attached and that, he adds, “Nepal is free to act independently in international affairs” but concurrently he warns stating that “Nepal must remain vigilant while signing agreements with other countries in the region.”
Rawat talks of “India’s good will” which is nonexistent in our bilateral ties.
This is nothing but a dictation to Nepal. The dictates are thus out rightly dismissed.
So he is speaking what suits to his myopic or indoctrinated audience or a sweet words meant for those who “depend” on Indian largesse in their day to day business both in Delhi and Nepal’s India bend political paraphernalia.
So far as Rawat’s claim that India behaves with Nepal without any strings attached sounds hollow in that India has always told Nepal, in practice, that “there was no free lunch for Nepal” in the conduct of bilateral relations.
Late Jyotindra Nath Dixit (J.N. Dixit) in his voluminous book “My South Block Years” has clearly written that Indian largesse to Nepal is not a free lunch.
This explains as to how India used to behave with Nepal when King Mahendra or for that matter King Birendra were in the Nepali throne.
King Gyanendra knows better on how the Indian machinations in close connivance with the RAW posted and paid agents in Kathmandu unseated him from the Nepali throne.
Both the revered Kings, mentioned above, have had very bad days in their dealings with India while in the throne.
The last King Gyanendra too was unceremoniously unseated by the Indian regime through the “effective” use of the RAW paid Nepali leaders when the King denied to obey to the “Indian instructions”.

King Gyanedra’s lobbying for the “Observer status” for China is what prompted India to plan his ouster in the year 2006.
So the Indian notion that “Indian assistance” to Nepal are “without strings attached” is not only disgusting but disgusting in both words and deeds.
India is the number one enemy of Nepal. Guaranteed.
So the Indian concept at the bureaucratic and the political level needs to be dumped as there is nothing in Nepal-India relations that are either “good will” or for that matter “no strings attached”. The reverse is true instead.
Rawat will do well if he takes back his words. The Nepali population would love to hate his decomposed rhetoric made on Nepal.
Bipin Rawat is no different to the sitting Indian Army Chief M. M. Naravne who under the spell of anger (may be under the incantation of alcohol) and hatred told a Delhi congregation on May 15, 20202, that “Nepal was hand in glove with China in bantering India.
Naravne’s undisciplined and undiplomatic remarks invited intense hatred for the Indian Army chief here across the country.
People still love to hate Naravne.
Unfortunately, M. M. Naravne visited Nepal as Nepal Government’s guest much to the chagrin of the puzzled population.
This explains as to how much India-bend is Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s government in Nepal.
PM Oli at times gives the impression that he is close to Beijing but his damaged Kidney transplant for free in Delhi forces him to bend towards Delhi instead of Beijing.
Bewildered by Bipin Rawat’s nonsense claim on India’s “lovely” support to Nepal, senior political analyst Madan Regmi says through his Tweeter account, in his own words, “I read the latest views of General B. Rawat, CDS, of the Indian Army on Nepal. His views are irritational and wants Nepal to keep away from her friendly neighbor China. The Nepalese understand that so called India is a curse for Nepal and a plunderer”.
Madan Regmi is a strong nationalist.
The list of Indian coercion and threatening goes long.

Writes political analyst Arun Budhathoki in an article for the TRT world that the Indian foreign Secretary Harsh Shringala who had arrived in Nepal on November 26 this year too in a straight way told Nepal that “Nepal cannot realize its dreams without India”.
The Nepali speaking Foreign Secretary Shringala spoke on the lines of what his predecessor –the split personality and highly arrogant S. Jay Shankar had for Nepal in the year 2015.
The Indian bureaucracy still reminds the Babus of the British India Company.
Writes Arun in his article that “Nepalese have long complained about this sort of egoism from Indian officials who visit Nepal and treat the country as a subject rather than a partner. Indian officials still act as if they are in the East India Company”.
Analyst Arun has some tips for the Indian nation more so to those who run Indian regime. He says, “Nepal can dream independently, and it doesn’t need either of its neighbors or other nations to achieve its dreams. The sooner India realizes this, the better it will be for both countries, or else the symbiotic relationship will transform into a parasitic one-and it will be cancerous for both Nepal and India”.
He then has one million dollar advice free for the Indian regime.
“To reset ties with Nepal, India must give up its colonial approach”.
The blunt message to India is what analyst Arun says in one sentence which speaks to what Nepal wants to sound to those who formulate the pattern of Nepal-India ties in Delhi-mecca for some Nepali traitors.
Mr. Bipin Rawat too is advised to understand the message that is well inside the tips provided by young political analyst of Nepal.
The message is loud and clear to both Shringala and mentally retarded Military man Bipin Rawat.
For Naravne also if he is listening.
Bipin Rawat through his silly comments made on Nepal and the warning that is attached with his buffoonery claims has proved himself to be one of the key personnel involved in India’s DidinfoLab campaign whose main aim and objective is to spread “rumors” that suited to the Indian security interests.
Hopefully, General Rawat has already joined the British trained and indoctrinated Indian leaders and bureaucrats who take sadistic pleasure in talking nonsense of the countries that regrettably border India.
South Asian nations are cursed for having India in their immediate neighborhood.
Rawat also says that India and Nepal are “inseparable in every way”.
Rawat once again has spoken incorrect in that Nepal and India are two different nations and that Nepal ever remained in the Globe as an “Independent and sovereign” nation whereas India aka Bharat aka Hindustan aka Modistan has from its total existence, experienced uninterrupted slavery than independence granted freshly by the British nation.
Rawat, definitely a rude military man forgets that Nepal as an independent and sovereign nation is free to choose its friends across the globe.
As regards China, Rawat must not forget that Nepal has also ties with China since “times immemorial” and that for Nepal both China and India were just friends in the immediate neighborhood.
China though is not a reliable and trustworthy partner of Nepal, yet it is far better compared to India.
Unfortunately, the lack of adequate connectivity infrastructures have kept Nepal at a distance with China whereas the “imposed” open border phenomenon appear to have brought Nepal and India closer or else China too is not that far as India makes Nepal to understand on occasions.
Now one simple advice to General Rawat and Foreign Secretary Shringala.
Can you both dare to threaten Pakistan in the same language that you all use for Nepal and the smaller nation in the neighborhood? Have you all the courage to terrify or for that matter dictate Pakistan and China on what to do and what to not?
Has India the political stamina to pose a threat to China? Has India ther guts and political nerve to face China or a nuclear Pakistan?
The Indians both in the bureaucracy and the leadership fear the competing and matching rivals concluding that they may pounce upon you any time if the bearable limits are crossed as it have had been in the Laddhakh war front with China in 1962 and 2020?
Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli when was pushed to the wall by the India pumped Nepali leaders, he dissolved the parliament.
In fact, Oli’s House dissolution step came when he through his spies knew that Madhab Nepal and Prachanda were all set to move a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister.
Mr. Nepal and Prachanda are talked to have been excessively pressurized by the Indian establishment to unseat PM Oli.

Moreover, Mr. Nepal is learnt to have taken birth in Betiah, Bihar, India. 
However, this doesn’t mean that Oli’s steps of House dissolution could be extolled. No. Not at all.
Nepal has once again become politically unstable which is what India wants. Nepal Prime Minister Oli, frankly speaking, has never favored the Republican and the federal order. But he is yet not that far from Indian establishment. He is shortly visiting India. This is normal for those who play double.

That’s all.

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