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Kathmandu: On February 26, comrade Prachanda while talking to Rishi Dhamala for a Kathmandu Television spoke his inner mind and in the process he (Prachanda) could not control to hide his inner penchant to “serve” the Indian establishment.

Prachanda explicitly said to the TV anchor that “Now it is the time that Prime Minister Oli be replaced with a “new coalition” comprising of his NCP faction together with the Nepali Congress and the Janata Samajwadi (JSP) that is “comfortable” for the Indian regime.

In saying so, two things come to one’s mind instantly: the first being that what he meant by the formation of an India comfortable government in Nepal?

Secondly, will the coalition as hinted by the New Delhi trained and indoctrinated Prachanda dare to be dubbed by “India comfortable party” of Nepal?

(The fact is that he is already dubbed).

Attached here is yet another question as to why Prachanda, a Nepali citizen, would wish to form a government in Nepal that is subservient to the Indian regime and why should it be “comfortable to the country across the border in the South?

Should not a government in Nepal be comfortable to its own population inside the Nepali territory instead of being submissive to India across the border?

Or is it that Prachanda wants to prove himself that he is the Nepali incarnation of Sikkim’s traitor Lendhup Dorje who when lured and seduced for few material/political gains from Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi helped her to gulp independent and sovereign Sikkim into the Indian Union in the mid-seventies?

Lendhup dies an unsung death and even today he is taken in Sikkim as a traitor.

Okay. Prachanda may not be like what Lendhup was but isn’t it that his TV pronouncement made February 26, 2021, abundantly indicates his preferences and desires all were aimed at serving the Indian union by harming Nepal’s prime interests?

Perhaps Yes. Prachanda wants to repay the debt of what Delhi did for him during his secured and protected days of “hibernation” in New Delhi.

In fact, Delhi granted him the State security while being in India but the condition was that he should “devastate and damage Nepal” in a way that a completely devastated Nepal have had to ever dependent on India.

It is also a fact that the Maoists war of Nepal was an India designed, engineered, and executed plan of the Indians for which Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Comrade Prachanda were just used and overused as an effective “tool”.

These tools are still paying their “Delhi hospitality” debt by talking almost nonsense.

Commenting on Prachanda’s “comfortable” theory aired this February last month, his Delhi residing Military wing commander Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, March 1, 2021, told an impressive gathering in Pokhara that “Prachanda’s Maoists war era” was all a calculated act of providing service to the Indian establishment at the cost of Nepal.

Home Minister Ram Bahadur is an Engineering student at Moscow University.

Perhaps this explains as to what Prachanda means to say when he says Nepal must have an India comfortable government in Nepal.

Interestingly, the sitting home minister Ram Bahadur Thapa who accuses Prachanda for his excessive India bend too resided in New Delhi together with Prachanda by enjoying the Indian largesse.

What say you Mr. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Jee? How you could prove your loyalty for Nepal now? That’s all.

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