N. P. Upadhyaya: Kathmandu: The India trained and indoctrinated Nepali politicians are simply great.

Their greatness is visible when they vandalized and thus paralyzed the streets across the nation last week.

The top leaders of India gifted Republican Order have been quarrelling since the House was “purposely” dissolved by the sitting Prime Minister K.P Oli.

While the equally “India trained and bend” Nepali leaders oppose the Parliament dissolution which they say tantamount to a constitutional crime, then the other set led by PM Oli who is also a Graduate of the Medanta Hospital, Delhi (for “free” Kidney transplant in the mid-nineties) asserts that whatever he did was the demand of the time and failing to have dissolved the Parliament would have meant being forced to face a “no confidence motion” in the now dissolved Parliament.

He further maintains that he did so only to cap a larger size chaos and political turmoil associated with instability both in the party and in the government.

PM Oli’s opposition rebukes his buffoonery claims and alleges that the Prime Minister is heading towards an “authoritarian rule”.

PM Oli denies.

The fun and the facts:

The funny part of the entire political game in Nepal is that “both” the pro-dissolution (Parliament) and anti-dissolution have been tacitly enjoying the blessing(s) of the self-declared “big brother” concluding that whosoever emerges victorious, it is India aka Hindustan, aka Bharat is the “winner”.

The big brother is regional hooligan and a scoundrel.

This explains India’s neighborhood first policy.

And if India-the former British Colony is the winner then Nepal-a country which never was a slave but remained independent and sovereign is the “loser” since day one when Nepal opened its border in the South in the early 1950s.

So both PM Oli and his opponents Madhav-Prachanda duo have been working to strengthen the Indian Union at the cost of mother Nepal.

The thrill:

This is not all. India is not only pumping PM Oli and his opposition led by Madhav-Prachanda duo, but has also been trying to “seduce” yet another ancient and non-partisan force of Nepal and that being the now “overthrown Monarchy”. King Gyanendra is shortly visiting Delhi. This has meaning. 

Interestingly, the Nepali Royalty whose ouster was once the top agenda of the Italian Queen Sonia Gandhi’s Government in India then led by proxy Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh then with the change of guards in India now being controlled by Islamophobic International Thug Indian Prime Minister Narendra Das Modi prefers the restoration of the Hindu identity of Nepal with a Hindu Monarch.

If the ouster of the Nepali monarchy was with a “grand purpose” in 2005-6 India sponsored “political movement” in Nepal against King Gyanendra then this time the “restoration of the Hindu monarch too is with a “determination” with an apparent conclusion that such a restoration will benefit India politically.

The Italy born Mrs. Sonia Gandhi-the previous de facto ruler of India had developed some sort of allergy with the Hindu monarchs of Nepal and hence she being an earnest Christian perhaps wanted to replace Hinduism with Christianity by “force”.

Most strikingly, with the “planned” ouster of Nepali monarchy, Christianity spread through presumed “conversion” all over Nepal at a fast speed much to the annoyance of the followers of Hinduism in Nepal.

Even if the Christianity had an upper graph in today’s Nepal yet the Hindus “adjusted” with the swelling Christians concluding that it was an act of destiny.

Barring a few incidents, the Hindus and the Christians have been living a harmonious life in Nepal respecting each other’s faith.

This is the beauty of Nepal where all the religions can coexist in harmony.

It is for this grand reason that the minority Muslims living in Nepal at times openly claim that “We feel more secured in a Hindu country and thus would like to see our country being restored as a Hindu nation”.

At the just concluded PM Oli’s show of strength in Kathmandu last week, one participating Muslim Nepali national from Tanahun district claimed that “keeping the deteriorating political situation of the country, it is Prime Minister Oli who should continue in the coveted Chair as he is the one who could control the worsening situation as savior”.

The Nepali Muslim opined that “among the crowd of the worst political animals in the ruling circle, PM Oli is comparatively the best”.

The Muslim national was hoisting the UML Party flag.

So what makes the Nepali Muslims differ with the minority Indian Muslims”?

It is very simple to define.

While Nepal as a nation doesn’t believe in the hatred of Muslims or for that matter the Christians by the dominating Hindus then the opposite is true for the Indian regime which believes in the “persecution” of the people in the minority measure.

Now we shall concentrate as to what PM Oli told the massive gathering February 5, 2021.

PM Oli centered his talk on why the Prachanda-Madhav duo and the ilk have initiated the crusade to oust PM Oli.

PM gave two specific reasons which appear quite logical given the reality as to why and how India twists the Nepali arms and through whom?

If one is to believe PM Oli’s verbal claims then the opposing Madhav-Prachanda duo took the sitting Prime Minister (the PM Was Oli back at the time when the nation was hit by a mega Quake in 2015) as “villain” when the Prime Minister initiated talks with the Chinese regime in the North to lessen the heavy dependency on India and made several agreements to enhance Nepal’s expanded connectivity with the Northern neighbor China which was long overdue.

And guess who the hard hit is when PM Oli approaches China for help? It is this set which disliked PM Oli’s eruption of sudden love towards the Northern neighbor-China.

Obviously it is India and India alone which in turn activated its “trusted and tested” allies in Nepal to cut short the tenure of Oli in the Prime Ministerial Chair.

As per PM Oli, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Comrade Prachanda are the declared men of the Indian establishment and thus these two gentlemen began working against PM Oli and finally unseated him as per the Indian design.

The people too have now no illusions about Madhav-Prachanda duo.

The second reason now:

Prime Minister Oli claims that when he as Nepal’s Prime Minister dared to incorporate the lost Nepali territories (Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiya Dhura) in the political and the administrative map of Nepal last year May, the Indian establishment made it an schedule to unseat PM Oli from the current post and thus once again advised and activated its marionettes in Nepal.

PM Oli was blamed to have ben honey-trapped by lady Chinese Ambassador. The disgusting Godi-Media went to this low.

PM Oli authentically claims that those who were really pained by the incorporation of the Map issue were primarily, among the crowd of many, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal and Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda.

This duo, hinted PM Oli, as per the instructions from across the border have been making foul accusations to defame him (PM Oli) and doing all they can to unseat him and occupy the PM’s chair so that they could serve the Indian establishment for all time to come.

What should be noted here is that Prachanda is out and out a Delhi-RAW man who has the distinction of having resided in Delhi for well over a decade as Indian government’s guest at time of the India sponsored People’s War which caused heavy damage to this country.

Prachanda’s connections with the Indian spy agency is still kicking and alive which is why the Chinese regime suspects Comrade Prachanda in making secret talks.

China takes Prachanda as India’s special man and thus prefers to keep a distance from this India elevated Nepal’s leader concluding that any significant talks with Prachanda will soon go to the ears of the Indian establishment. The threat is real.

As of Madhav Kumar Nepal, many sharp brains suspected he may have close ties with India but yet they were not sure of his real India-inclined political credentials.

But as things unfolded, the population came to know about his excessive India-curve when Mr. Nepal though got defeated in the parliamentary elections yet occupied the Prime Ministerial Chair of Nepal through the kind courtesy of the Indian regime.

And Mr. Nepal is perhaps paying the Indian debt.

Moreover, any Nepali national who is pained by Nepal’s multifaceted relations with China is surely an India bend man and thus he or she is sure to malign anyone who prefers to solidify Nepal’s ties with the Northern neighbor.

So whatever PM Oli has hinted to the men who had converged to listen to his speech February 5, 2021, will instantly guess as to which force is behind Madhav Nepal and Prachanda and for what purpose this “alliance” has been formed?

Surely, those who criticize Nepal’s increasing ties with China are pro-India and vice versa.

By implication then it means that both Madhav and Prachanda have been working for and making noises against PM Oli only at the behest of India.

By the way, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal used to brief Prachanda on Nepali situation when the former was residing in Delhi during the People’s War time.

This means the “insurgents” and its leader Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai who were the declared terrorists for Nepal and India (and the Red Corner Notice of the Interpol) had close contacts with Madhav Kumar Nepal.

This means that Mr. Nepal was meeting the Maoists leaders in Delhi, Lucknow and Siliguri under the protection and care of the Indian establishment.

And this must explain the rest of Madhav Nepal. No further introductions needed.

To add insult to injury, a February 5 statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Nepal claims that a sizeable chunk of Covid vaccine is arriving Nepal shortly from China.

The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has categorically stated, claims the FM press release of February 5, that Vaccine to Nepal is a Chinese priority.

The use of the word “priority” from China to Nepal explains the rest.

India has now reasons to gulp some painkillers.

Concluding remarks:

The sitting Nepal Prime Minister K. P. Oli, for your information, is closer than Mr. Nepal and Prachanda. This too is loaded with political meaning too. Isn’t Oli then an India man? Perhaps yes. That’s all.

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