CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has announced blanket pardon for the Khanal-Nepal faction of the party.

Oli, who has been recently repeating that everyone from the dissident faction can be welcomed back in the party but there is no space in the party for Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, has said he has pardoned everyone. “If you have deviated from the path, do come back. I have pardoned you,” Oli announced without taking name of the faction or any leader while addressing a program organized at Tulsi Lal Amatya Academy premises in Chyasal, Lalitpur on Thursday to mark Pushpa Lal Memorial Day.

Oli claimed on Wednesday that Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal didn’t show interest in unity even when he offered to make Nepal the second chairman.

“Madhav Nepal demanded second chairmanship if possible. I have said I am ready to make him second chairman if he comes to save party unity,” Oli stated. “Interest has not been showed even when I said so. Many pretexts are being made.”

Oli sought explanation from 22 party lawmakers for voting for the Sher Bahadur Deuba government during the floor test on Sunday. The Khanal-Nepal faction in response to the decision to seek explanation said Oli sabotaged unity process by seeking explanation from the dissident lawmakers.

But Oli has made an about turn just a day later announcing the blanket pardon.

Published Date: Thursday, Shrawan 7, 2078, 16:33:00

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