CPN-UML Chairman and Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli has proposed with Khanal-Nepal faction that he is ready to discuss about returning the party to the state before unification with CPN (Maoist Center) a day after the Supreme Court (SC) issued an interim order reinstating four UML lawmakers from Karnali he had expelled.

Oli had dissolved all party committees including the central committee and replaced them with general convention organizing committees after the SC invalidated the unification of UML with Maoist Center on March 7.

He had expelled four Karnali lawmakers who crossed floor to save the government of Mahendra Bahadur Shahi defying the party whip. But the SC in the interim order ruled that the general convention organizing committee cannot expel lawmakers like the central committee.

Oli is preparing to seek review of the interim order that may also prevent him from expelling dissident lawmakers if the SC reinstates House. He has also proposed to talk with the dissident faction with more flexibility in the meanwhile.

“They have proposed to return to the state before unification with us. They say they are ready to talk about our demands. But they have talked about other kinds of preparations in the media. The Oli faction takes every thing as a tactical maneuver,” a leader of the Khanal-Nepal faction told Setopati. “They are talking about seeking review (of SC order) after their setting was breached. They have yet to understand that one cannot always count on settings. Their downfall will not stop whether they seek review or anything else.”

Another leader of the faction said Oli is trying to weaken the faction by bringing divisions and pointed that Ganesh Pahadi of the dissident faction was made minister during the Cabinet expansion as part of that ploy.

“Oli has influenced some of our leaders by capitalizing on their greed. That will not provide long-term solution to the party’s problems. But he has not paid attention to dissatisfaction within his own camp,” the leader added.

A leader close to Oli confided with Setopati about disgruntlements in the Oli camp. “There are big grievances even among our friends about PM’s decisions. They are asking what Oli is trying to do by giving so many ministries to Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) to please them,” a leader close to Oli said. “Making Raghubir Mahaseth DPM and foreign minister has compounded matters. He has not been able to pay attention to the impact efforts to please only one side can have on other aspects. We feel he may well have done this deeming that this government will not last long.”

Oli proposed a six-point framework for party unity Sunday night offering to address the major demands put forward by the Khanal-Nepal faction that is on verge of splitting from the party.

But the Khanal-Nepal faction of CPN-UML called the proposal for party unity suspicious. The faction’s standing committee meeting held on Monday to discuss Oli’s proposal smelt a rat in the proposal asking the dissident UML lawmakers to withdraw their signature from the petition lodged with the Supreme Court (SC.
Oli appealed to the dissident faction for party unity agreeing to meet its demands including returning the party to the state before unification with CPN (Maoist Center) Sunday night.
Proposing a six-point framework for party unity Sunday night, he addressed the major demands put forward by the Khanal-Nepal faction that is on verge of splitting from the party
The six-point proposal included the dissident faction’s bottom line of returning the party to the state before unification. Oli—who had unilaterally inducted new central and standing committee members after the Supreme Court (SC) invalidated unification on March 7, and dissolved all party committees forming organizing committees for general convention at their stead—also said all party committees will basically return to the state before unification and start functioning.
He proposed that a task force will work to resolve the problems seen in implementation of those proposals. He proposed that the dissident lawmakers, who have lodged the petition with SC demanding that UML parliamentary party leader be removed from the post of PM and replaced by an opposition leader, take back their signatures from the petition.
He also assured that no action will be taken for the mistakes and weaknesses by the dissidents during the intervening period, and there will be no prejudice and discrimination against them.
He proposed that all the leaders will make constructive contribution toward making UML unified, disciplined and stronger in terms of principles and organization.

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