Prime Minister (PM)Sher Bahadur Deuba is preparing to opt for floor test in the House of Representatives (HoR) Sunday itself.
Deuba is preparing to seek confidence vote Sunday itself, according to a source close to Speaker Agni Sapkota. A federal parliament secretariat also confirmed unofficial information about floor test.
“We have not received any official information. But we have known unofficially,” the official confided. “Additional things may come out during the Business Advisory Committee.”
He was appointed PM under Article 76(5) of the Constitution on Tuesday after the Supreme Court (SC) mandamus to that regard and needs to pass floor test within 30 days.
Deuba, who was supported by the lawmakers of Khanal-Nepal faction of CPN-UML while staking claim for the government under Article 76(5) of the Constitution, is preparing to seek confidence vote on the first day of the meeting following House reinstatement.

Published Date: Sunday, Shrawan 3, 2078, 10:23:00

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