The announcement by Prime Minister (PM) Sher Bahadur Deuba that the government will bear expenses of Senior Leader of CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal, who is undergoing treatment in Delhi, has been criticized inside ruling Nepali Congress (NC).
NC central member and former health minister Gagan Thapa has stated that the government cannot bear expenses of persons being treated abroad as per the Public Health Act.
PM Deuba called Khanal from the Khumaltar residence of CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Tuesday and assured that the government will bear treatment expenses.
Thapa has pointed that the government cannot bear expenses of Khanal after Deuba’s conversation was made public.
The Public Health Act 2018 states that the Nepal government will not bear expenses of any person being treated abroad irrespective of any other prevailing laws. Thapa has pointed that the act has already come into force on September 18, 2018.
“Nepal Government cannot bear expenses of anyone being treated abroad including sitting president to prime minister when this law has already come into force. I believe PM must be clear about this legal provision,” Thapa stated.
“We all Nepalis in the country and abroad are and will be ready if treatment expenses for him (Khanal) needs to be gathered. Let us not trouble him and his family by creating an environment for unnecessary comments about him by raising the issue of government bearing expenses of his treatment abroad,” he added.
He has drawn PM Deuba’s attention on Wednesday reminding him that the government bearing expenses of persons undergoing treatment abroad is illegal. “I believe that you are careful that the burden of illegal decision taken by the preceding government will not be borne by this government, and the news reports quoting you are false.”

Published Date: Wednesday, Shrawan 6, 2078, 14:48:00

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