The ongoing prohibitory orders enforced in the Kathmandu Valley have been extended by 10 days. The prohibitory orders that started first on April 29 will be in place until July 25 after the last extension.

A meeting of the chief district officers (CDO)  of the three districts in the Valley on Thursday has decided to extend the prohibitory orders.

Pharmacies and stores selling medical equipment can operate round the clock while other shops can open only until seven in the evening during the extended period. Safety protocols must be followed while opening the shops.

Restaurants and fast-food outlets can only provide home delivery and take-away services until seven in the evening, according to Kathmandu CDO Kali Prasad Parajuli.

Public transport vehicles can operate in the Valley remaining within the seating capacity. The administration has decided to allow private and public transport vehicles entering the Valley for emergency and special works. Vehicles carrying construction materials can operate from nine in the night till five in the morning.

Long-distance public transportation coming to and leaving the Valley, however, will not be allowed to operate.

Published Date: Thursday, Ashar 31, 2078, 17:19:00

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