CPN-UML leader Bhim Rawal has accused party Chairman and Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli of threatening elected people’s representatives to join his faction.
Organizing a press conference at the provincial party office of Far West Sunday afternoon, Rawal claimed that Oli has started to threaten the elected representatives to join his faction or face expulsion. “PM is trying to attract representatives elected to wards, rural municipalities and municipalities and other different positions to his faction. The act of threatening and scaring is deplorable,” Rawal stated.
He, however, did not reveal the names of elected representatives who have been threatened by PM Oli. “The positions will go only if one quits the party or is deemed to have acted against national interests,” he added. “How can the posts go when you all are in CPN-UML and have been acting in accordance to the laws?”
He also argued that his six-month suspension from the party by Oli is not in accordance to the party statute. “KP Oli who has acted against the directive of the ninth general convention and the party statute himself is illegitimate. The action by illegitimate person cannot be legitimate.”

Published Date: Sunday, Chaitra 29, 2077, 15:36:00

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