The Supreme Court (SC) has registered four petitions against the swearing-in of Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli on Friday.

The petition brought by advocates Chandrakant Gyawali and Lokendra Oli, and separate ones by Santosh Bhandari, Navaraj Adhikari and Raj Kumar Suwal demanding revocation of the swearing-in ceremony claiming that it was against the law have been registered by the Apex Court, according to Chief of the petition division of the SC Baburam Dahal.

Advocate Oli told Setopati that his petition has been scheduled for hearing on Tuesday. His petition demands revocation of the swearing-in of Oli, the content of the oath be fixed by formulating federal law, preventing Oli from working as PM until then, and revocation of unconstitutional reappointment of seven persons who are not lawmakers as ministers.  

“We have also argued that the oath taken by telling the president that the part do swear is not necessary is contempt of the institute of presidency,” he said.

Oli chose to skip the words ‘do swear’ while President Bidya Devi Bhandari administered the oath of office and secrecy at the Shital Niwas on Friday apparently deeming it redundant as the sentence also included ‘solemn vow’. He had quipped ‘that is not necessary’ when President Bhandari repeated the part as cue for him to repeat leading her to chuckle.
Oli also skipped the part ‘god’ while repeating the part ‘in the name of god, people and country’.
Oli’s refusal to utter the part ‘do swear’ despite President Bhandari’s reminder was especially condemned widely on the social media and some also found his tone while saying ‘that is not necessary’ patronizing toward the head of the state.

Published Date: Monday, Jestha 3, 2078, 13:38:00

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