N. P. Upadhyaya, Kathmandu: The current Nepali politics is more than what meets the eye.

In many more ways than one, India imposed Republican Order has exposed itself.

Politics has derailed and is apparently back to the erstwhile Panchayat System which was, needless to say, uprooted by the Indian regime itself-the recognized expansionist and interventionist.

A staunch supporter of the Indian establishment and an intimate friend of the RAW spy agency (India), Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had to vacate his coveted Chair in an enigmatic manner.

The way he was “kicked out” from the Prime Ministerial Chair very recently would go a long way in the annals of Nepali history, more so of the Judicial one.

Cursed nation as it is taken.

In the name of establishing what is called “constitutionalism”, the Nepalese Supreme Court not only corrected the so called political and constitutional “aberration” seen in the Nepali politics during President Bhandari- PM Oli’s dual “autocratic” regime, but many a sharp constitutional brains believe that the Apex Court exceeded its Judicial limits and “Commanded” the sitting Nepal President to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as the next Prime Minister replacing PM Oli.

Ok. Fine.

But was it constitutionally reasonable? Constitutional experts would discuss it in details, however, those who have some knowledge of Constitutionalism and Judicial do’s and don’ts emphatically say that “in doing so, the Supreme Court has not only exceeded its mandated judicial functions but has at a single stretch jolted the “universally accepted pillars” of democracy.

The question could very well be asked if the Court is to decide who should be the prime minister then why we need parliamentary elections at regular intervals, also why we need the Election Commission and even the Parliament.

Some plead that the Court took this “special” decision” as per the demands of a set of political personalities who were dead against Prime Minister KP Oli and had to accomplish a “special mission”.

This could not be the logic. It was seen as a personal retribution: both from Opposition and the Judiciary for PM Oli.

Can the court express its vengeance in its verdict as against a political person?

The Court can’t entertain the “appeal” of a set of politically motivated people who for some this or that reasons possess hatred for a special person which in our case was PM Oli.

The question now is has the Supreme Court the right to appoint a Prime Minister of its choice or the choice of a special group who have had been at logger heads with Prime Minister Oli on some issues that were of no interest for the larger population?

Certainly not. However, the Apex Court, as of now has the Prime Minister of its dictates.

Isn’t it the adventurism of the Apex Court? Someone correct us if we are incorrect.

PM Oli is back where he should have been much ahead for his arrogance and running the State as per his whims supported by President Bhandari. That was too much.

With due regards to the Supreme Court, we have the right to differ with the style it has strictly verbalized the President to appoint S. B. Deuba as the Prime Minister.

(We have dared to say so utilizing our right to speak, and our bounden duty to inform honorable Court that not the entire population have swallowed the fresh Court’s abrupt decision.

The Supreme Court thus has set a very dangerous “judicial precedence” in the national politics which shall in many more ways than one gives to understand that henceforth Supreme Court shall determine the fate of the national politics.

Perhaps it is the end of “Democracy”, some say.

To put the records straight, it could be well said that “the SC’s decision could be the first ever verdict that has installed the executive Head through a Court’s express order”.

This is breaking news indeed for the entire democratic world.

However, there are some inclined constitutionalists who have taken the SC’s fresh verdict as a “landmark” one to which it is surely not.

The debate is on in the political circle though.

The Court has entered into the political domain in an unwarranted fashion which is unfortunate for the Court’s credibility in the days ahead.

High placed sources inside the Nepali Congress whisper that “India was behind” PM Oli’s unceremonious ouster.

A high profile “legal brain” inside the Nepali Congress made this assertion which got leaked from those who were present at time of this legal brain’s declaration.

This online portal thus benefitted from the “leaked information” which ought to be told to those who needed to know the political undercurrent that kicked out PM Oli- the darling of a set of the UML.

But this should not mean that Prime Minister Oli was a perfect gentleman worth continuing in the coveted post.

He was India man tip to toe.

He had, to be very frank, become already a national burden and the people awaited his ouster but through some established constitutional processes that are in practice universally in a democratic system.

His summary ouster was quite unexpected but the haste with which he was made to quit the Chair does tell that some clandestine efforts from external elements must have converged from all corners to unseat PM Oli. 

The haste seen in PM Oli’s ouster speaks so many things unspoken.

Oli’s special hobnob with President Mrs. Bhandari too have had caused abundant irritation among the majority of the population.

Normally in a democratic system of governance, the President is obliged to abide by what the executive Prime Minister recommends. However, the President has enough powers to “resend” those executive dictates which appear not in the best interest of the nation or is found quite against the popular will or is in contravention of some national rules and regulations.

The new Prime Minister Deuba is not a new personality for the country and the countrymen.

Nor he is unknown to the country across the border in the South-that is regional hooligan-India regime.

He is very close to the all-time enemy neighbor-India, say high placed sources.

Though we have less information on whether the new Prime Minister Deuba is an India hand, however, what is for sure is that the Court appointed the new Prime Minister perhaps for he is preferred, it is so believed, by the developed West and may have been brought to “rule” Nepal for accomplishing some “special tasks” of some known and unknown quarters.

Some even say that PM Deuba has been installed to perform some tasks that the previous Prime Minister loved to deny and hence the abrupt, unceremonious and unheard removal of Prime Minister Oli.

Let’s be clear. High placed political commentators take S. B. Deuba as a man intimate to Indo-US lobby.

This narrative has some logic, it appears, in that those who rushed to “congratulate” Prime Minister SB Deuba were none less than the US Ambassador Randy Berry and the next one is our well known micro-management specialist the Indian Ambassador Binay Quatra-a person who should have been by this time already expelled from Nepal tagged with PNG (persona non grata) status.

The “unlimited” fun is that neither the adjoining neighbor in the South Prime Minister Modi nor the northern neighbor President Xi Jinping have so far officially sent customary “congratulatory message to Prime Minister Deuba. (As of Friday July 17 morning).

The message both from India and China are loud and clear.

But why Modi did not congratulate? (Modi’s wishes have come just after Deuba won confidence motion).

No need to explain perhaps the results of the upcoming “intimacy of Deuba and Modi. Congrats.

The authenticity of this strong claim may unfold in some months that are ahead of Deuba’s Premiership, say sources.

That he an India hand came to true when India bend political parties, mainly the party led by Mahanta Thakur, too voted in favor of Deuba in the parliament just the other day.

Thakur used to be a henchman of PM Oli till the previous week.

PM Oli too was a highly India-curve gentleman who had dared to invite the chief of India’s RAW, Samanta Kumar Goyal, who had secretly entered into the private-official residence of the Nepal Prime Minister, last year July which had created furor in Nepal.

Since the next day of this ugly and dirty RAW Chief Goyal’s entrance in Nepal, the national politics took a nose dive which continued till the day PM Oli was ousted through a Court’s Order.

But one thing must be told here. It was, some say, turning point wherein PM Oli changed his camp from North to South upon his meet with RAW Chief.

However, others disagree to this camp change theory and say that PM Oli was never a China’s tail but instead he used China as a political triumph card as and when he had to take some necessary stands that favored Nepal.

China thus was for Oli simply a CARD. That’s all.   

So there should be no confusion that Oli was a China man nor other set of Nepali leaders who exhibit their inclination for Beijing have been doing so under the instructions of the RAW itself.

This applies to several media men who “supply” information to RAW as and when they meet Chinese officials in Kathmandu. Unfortunately, Beijing takes these double players as “allies”.

This applies to the so called friends of Pakistan as well. They all (save a few) sell information to India.

Enters India:

Prime Minister Oli was the Indian target from day one when the former dared to incorporate “India captured territories” in the Western part of Nepal in the new political and the administrative map of the country.

Those clearly “recognized” as India’s special men in Nepali politics stood against PM Oli as, hopefully, ordered and instructed by the Indian regime.

Not sure but those who stood in opposing PM Oli’s courage in taking up strong stand on Map issue were Madhav Kumar Nepal and a few more others right inside from the UML party itself.

Some leaders of the Nepali Congress who possess the distinction in serving the Indian regime too were in the cavalcade against PM Oli for his what they preferred to call a “mis-adventure” for which PM Oli would have to pay time permitting.

Undoubtedly, the Delhi trained and indoctrinated Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai too was a part of the same chain which acted against PM Oli supposedly under Indian instructions.

That the senior UML leader Madhab Kumar Nepal is an India hand man got certified in the early 1990s when he “proposed” his party men to invite the Indian Military to tame the then sitting King Birendra.

Later, as the luck would have it, the King submitted to the demands of his own nationals rather than kneeling down to the “expansionist and interventionist” Indian regime.

So Madhav Nepal, as per Kathmandu’s political circle, could be taken as the nearest and dearest man of the Indian regime.

Mr. Nepal is also taken as the man who sacked sharp-brain Communist intellectual Chandra Prakash Mainali (nick named CP) from the UML party as he could not (read Nepal) stand to the academic ability of Mr. Mainali.

Mainali currently heads a one man Communist party.

Mr. MK Nepal also has been allegedly found heavily engaged in the Lalita Nivas land scam.

He has the distinction of serving the Korea’s Christian world and is believed that he is already a Pastor who brought the Holy wine Culture in Nepal.

He led the nation as PM even if he got badly defeated in the parliamentary elections from two different constituencies.

India vetoed Madhav Nepal to Prime Ministerial set.

Mr. Nepal is either involved himself in the killing of Madan Bhandari or at least he knows who may have killed veteran Communist leader of the UML.

Mr. M.K Nepal was the go between in between the Nepal Maoists and the Indian government.

Mr. Nepal did his job, it is said, through India Ambassador Shyam Saran.

This then means that Mr. Nepal was serving India’s brain child the Maoists and thus cheated his own nation.

Mr. Nepal took birth in the adjoining India’s Bihar province and thus his “socialization” with India is just natural.

If Mr. Nepal has done so many wrong then he deserves penal actions from the State.

Nepal’s critics even accuse him to have been supporting the erstwhile Panchayat System clandestinely.

Just the other day, the Oli camp of the UML declared Madhav Nepal as a “traitor”.

Some others say that the system had survived through such “moles” in the Communist party. However, this remains to be substantiated.

Enters Prachanda:

No further statement on Prachanda is needed as he stands exposed as the “brain child” of India.

This was not only trained and indoctrinated by India but was also used and overused as a pawn many a times in the past.

Prachanda stayed in India for a decade plus enjoying the Indian regime’s hospitality from where he broke the nation politically, economically, and socially.

He did so under Indian instructions or say orders.

And if Prachanda was in the forefront together with Madhav Nepal then is becomes easier as to who or which force(s) could have dared to oust PM Oli?

That India engineered “throw Oli out” campaign gets reflected when a hardliner Indian envoy Ranjeet Rae says that whatever Nepali Court did was which had to be done.

This clearly explains which force was behind Oli’s ouster.

Ambassador Rae, the ugly and the dirtiest one, is the one who kept Nepal in his “grip” when he was in Kathmandu.

He Rawfied Nepali media though the credit goes to Shaym Saran who is talked to be the “father” of Nepal’s new Republican Order.

Having said all these, former PM KP Sharma was no darling to the average population. This is the fact. No confusion.


The high voltage “staged” political drama has come to an end with PM Deuba bagging 165 votes as against 83 in the Parliament.

However, yet another fierce conflict is round the corner, hopefully from those who felt defeated.

The drama was necessarily staged as per the desires and the necessities of some “powers” near and far.

SB Deuba had to be lifted to this key post in order to make an easy passage to some key “works” which will unfold in the days ahead.

The sum total is that it appeared to be a play initiated to serve the intrinsic-strategic interests of some external forces.

Who the external force are? Keep on guessing.

Deuba’s selection for the new Prime Minister speaks so many things unspoken.

China is weak in Nepal got testified which means that India has no match in Nepal.

Take it this way: Nepal has becomes a playground of powerful power centers. Rest draw your desired conclusions now.

Let me now wind up my story by borrowing few “pinching” lines from what our professional colleague Bijaya Aryal writes on the fresh political events.

Aryal worked for The Himalayan Times (English) daily for several years.

Aryal writes: “Yesterday Oli, today Deuba. What’s the difference? For the country and the people, they are two sides of the same Indo-Western coin? On MCC, citizenship, and on many other issues, their anti-Nepal-stands are similar”.

That’s all.

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