CPN-UML lawmaker Jhapat Rawal has challenged fellow UML lawmakers who call the Supreme Court (SC) verdict wrong to resign from the reinstated House.

“I want to challenge—do show courage to resign from the reinstated House of Representatives if the SC verdict is wrong. How will you show up your face in this House of Representatives?” said Rawal from the Khanal-Nepal faction.

Twenty-six lawmakers from the Khanal-Nepal faction had signed to make Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba prime minister (PM). Twenty-three of them had then reached the SC to sign the petition against the House dissolution.

Rawal has condemned the efforts to malign those lawmakers. He advised the lawmakers of the faction of Chairman KP Sharma Oli to introspect and realize they were wrong instead of losing mental balance on seeing the court endorsing our decision.

He claimed that the faction had to take the step to support Deuba after knowing about the conspiracy to dissolve the House.

Published Date: Thursday, Ashar 31, 2078, 09:07:00

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