The Yadav-Bhattarai faction of Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has unanimously passed its parliamentary party statute.

The faction of Chairman Upendra Yadav and Baburam Bhattarai passed the statute holding parliamentary party meeting at the Singha Durbar attended by, the faction claims, two dozen lawmakers of the party.

A total of 20 JSP lawmakers sat on the ruling party side during the floor test on Sunday. JSP Chairman Mahantha Thakur, however, sat in the opposition rows.

JSP has 32 House of Representatives (HoR) members and three National Assembly members.

A JSP lawmaker confided with Setopati that the next parliamentary party meeting will elect the parliamentary party leader and finalize the name of ministers to join the government.

Published Date: Tuesday, Shrawan 5, 2078, 14:31:00

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